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    The everlasting debate of TeamSpeak vs. Discord is now coming to a close.
    MassiveCraft will now host both of them!
    We are opening a Discord for others to be able to join in voice AND text chats with the community.
    The rules of this Discord will be the same as the MassiveCraft TS.

    How to Join:
    • Click the Discord link below.​
    • Sign into your account or create a new one if you do not already have one.​
    • That is all, you should be good to go!
    • No disruptive behaviour. This may include bad language, harassment, racism, sexism, advertising, raging or venting. Do not post inappropriate links. Please try and use English when talking to people, as it may be difficult for us to understand you.​
    • No whistling into the microphone.​
    • No vulgar nicknames.​
    • If you're told you're making too much noise, either leave or use push-to talk immediately. We don't want to hear your mom yelling at you from another room.​
    • If you get moved out due to your noise or disturbing behaviour, take it as a hint and rectify your issue before coming back.​
    • Never slander or insult the server, its staff, or players. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.​
    • Appealing ban requests via Discord is not the right way to be pardoned, and will equal you being banned on Discord.​
    • If you happen to receive a position on Discord which you know you're not supposed to have, report it immediately or be banned permanently.​
    • Don't spam trying to get one person's attention in a room you know you can't access. Wait till they're ready to come to you.​
    • It's considered very rude to interrupt people talking. Please use a private chat if you must have a conversation with one person.​
    • Do not record players or staff in public channels without their permission.

    Joining Link:

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