In The Shadows Of The Beast

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    Walking to New Brallona’s bridge, the red-head Fin’ullen stopped, seeing Leskenisa, Gyr, and Lockwood, the very same people she had asked for help. More relieved to see Leskenisa alive and well, she made her way forward.

    “Miss Leskenisa, you’re ok!” She said brightly “Did everything go ok?”

    Instead of the usual look Leskenisa gave, which was a grumpy look, instead she got a very blank stare back. “What?”

    “....You know, after what happened yesterday?”

    The Cahal paused, “I’m sorry, who are you?”

    She felt her eyes widen, it was impossible, surely, that they just had a bad day? “Yala, the Fin’ullen you healed at the clinic? I was with you when you got your spine repaired.”

    “I only work part-time at the clinic - well, /did/, and no, nobody was with me when I got my spine repaired.”

    A look of panic swept across the Fin’ullens face, was it possible they had gone under some form of torture to simply forget? But she couldn’t focus on that now, St. Runnan was fighting the Kathar Llewyn, and so, she jumped in to help. She raised her hand as Llewyn raised his weapon to impale her, so she stopped and attempted to cast magic, trying to knock him back with magic. To her utter horror, Llewyn didn’t even budge, and responded by plunging the weapon into her centermass. The contact of steel on flesh was even more unpleasant than the now searing pain, as Cecil had whipped around, using this opportunity to rain bolts of magic down on Yala, hitting her left shoulder. Rage fueled her body as the Nelfin swiped at Llewyn, only for him to counter block and try to plunge the weapon into her again.

    Now free from the weapons grasp, she backed away, bleeding over her white shirt, lashing out at Llewyn again while Cecil turned back to his original foe. Before Llewyn could do anything however, Leskenisa swiped her weapon, knocking back Yala and a few others she didn’t recognize. She stumbled back and down into the pavement, now holding her bloody wound. That seemed to have affected Llewyn more however, as he took one look at her and she saw the bloodlust leave his eyes. Before he could even move however, the mechsuit that Cecil had been chipping away at moved forward, slamming its ax into the Kathar’s shoulder. Letting out a howl of rage, the Nelfin moved away using magic, while Yala crawled over to the fountain to heal herself. The mechsuit, Cecil, and Llewyn fought, Llweyn going down near Yala. She gave a sadistic smirk,
    “Heh”, at his misfortune, moving over to hide under the waters. Once all of the fighting was actually done, she moved from the fountain by Leskenisa, who was talking to an unknown Fin’ullen, one she didn’t recognize.

    “I thought I was hired under you for protection, why was I kidnapped by some pink Brallona?” The Cahal asked, a muttered reply of something Yala couldn’t understand. But Yala understood now - turning away with eyes of anger. Leskenisa didn’t forget her, they just chose to ignore her, for whatever reason. Simply forgetting that Yala had sent a frantic letter to Gyr asking for help finding them, being unable to find any help at all, and then after nearly an hour of frantic searching, Yala was forced to give up, as the clocks struck one in the morning. Leskenisa, Lockwood, and Gyr had just ignored her, tossed her aside. The red-head gritted her teeth and walked across the bridge, where another fight had just started again, but she didn’t care. She was done. If they were just going to dump her, so be it! She could make new friends, find new people to talk to…but it still hurt. It was like an icy cold dagger in her heart, making her eyes swell with tears. She shook her head stubbornly, no, all three of them were adults, they had made their choice. She took a deep breath and limped, back to Miguel’s place she went.





    Yala thinks she's been given the cold shoulder because she couldn't save grumpy werewolf, and is now going to angsty about it at Miguel's place. ANGST. Or maybe a miscommunication?
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