In Preparation For The Server Move

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    We have:
    • Disabled MassiveCraft's forum account synchronization. This was always a bit of a problemchild in terms of not synchronizing player data properly. You can now register under any username without having been on the server, as long as you captcha correctly and are not already on the ban IP list.
    • We will look later into removing the Premium forum limitations, or replacing the lack of a synchronization plugin with something else.
    • Looking into prepping the Survival forum Section for Archiving. This means moving all threads that predate the reset announcement into cold storage. We never delete any threads, so the data will be stored somewhere in a staff section in case somoene has an emergency and needs data from a stored thread, but the intention is to start clean and work only with clean threads that reflect the reset, not what existed before that.
    • Market & Auction house will also be put in cold storage, mostly because the old prices and retail does not reflect the new market.
    • All roleplay sections will remain where they are and be untouched.
    • COK sections will be cleared also pending discussion with Game staff on how to deal with the reset through there.
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  2. Jalapeno690

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    Jun 10, 2015
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    I feel clearing the survival threads will cause more harm than good, I enjoy looking back into our rich survival history, will rp threads suffer the same fate???
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  3. AtticCat

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    Jun 22, 2016
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    Though they aren't deleting the posts, it appears, just moving them to archive. I believe it'll still be possible to view them, they just won't be relevant anymore.

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