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    So, I have been noticing that there has been a lot of tension in the Massivecraft community. Obviously, this is going to happen with a roleplay server (or any server for that matter). But, I think that there are also somethings that can be pointed out. Maybe it is something that others have not noticed before. Whether or not it is something that people need to see more of, or something they need to see less of, it needs to be brought to the attention.
    Anyway, I thought that it may be a good idea to have people bring up these things anonymously, so I have created these two forms (one for the good things about the community and one for the bad). Please, do not post your thoughts on this thread on what should be changed and what-not because that could lead to people becoming offended. I will take all the responses after 3 days, and I will compose a somewhat list of the things people want to see more and less of. I will edit this thread, and add the list. Also, I will be starting a game on the forums that requires you to complement the person above you. That will hopefully show people how the community actually cares.

    *Warning*: Do not use your, or anyone else's, name. Please! Your response will not be considered if you include someone's name!

    Link to the forum to post things that you think you should be changed:

    Link to the forum to post things that you want to see more of:[DOUBLEPOST=1370994365,1370706842][/DOUBLEPOST]3 Days are up!
    I will now list below the helpful responses that the sever members have given two these two questions.
    What do you like about the community? What kind of things would you like to see more of?:
    • "I would like to see more events, I liked the event the server had at Halloween, and some of the role play factions. I also like watching the arena fights in Aqua. I would like to see some more mob type or Mrs. Baver Events."
    • "I want to see more Role-play and more Role-play cities like Regalia, but of Different Races like Dwarven and Elven Cities."
    • "I'd like to see more staff made events. I can't even remember when the last one was, though I know the Baver attacks are quite fun. It just gives more atmosphere to Aloria as a whole, I feel. "
    • "I like how the community gets together during large RP events. Whether it is put on the staff or not, the way the community comes together is amazing."
    • "I want to see more kind people. There are a lot of kind people on this server, but there are also a lot of horrible people. People need to at least try more."
    What do you think needs to be improved about the community of the server? What do you not like about how the community interacts?:
    • "I think that certain people shouldn't be revered with the same amount of appreciation as staff members, and the staff members treated like shitcakes."
    • "I think the way that faction wars and raid should be changed. I hate when people can just come in and kill people for no reason. There should be rules about that. I understand there are good and evil factions, but wish that these such raids were planned instead of random and causing more friction on the server. If one faction doesn't want to participate in a war, that should be noted by the other faction, if it is between just one person in each faction, let them have an arena battle against each other instead of involving their whole faction."
    • "I don't like how much unneeded drama there is. So many people take things to heart, when they are just meaningless words said by people who are hidden by their monitors and speaking under pseudonyms. More than half of the things said would NEVER be said in real life."
    • "The community needs to work together better. A lot of people just say rude things to people they have never met before."
    The people have spoken :P. Please think about what people have said, and keep it in mind. Have fun!
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