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    “The surgical procedure where one’s ears are clipped in the shape of an ailors.”


    ________-✧ ☼ ✧-________
    The City of Mayonne, Northern Vixhall 294ac

    It was a dimly lit sky over the illustrious Mayonne, the clouds greying as an impending shower awaited the Burdigalan city. A fierce stricken mother wearing conservative attire and tightly pinned back brunette curls, tugged a small pointed ear child by the wrist huffing and swearing vulgarness under her breath.

    “I will not have a child with ears like those, I refuse. They’re growing out the more you age, I put up with the slander and comments all these years but now you’re old enough, they’re being cut off! Imperialised!” She hissed at her screeching and squirming child, yanking her alongside her as she marched down the busy street towards the local clinic.

    The young brunette halfling sobbed and reluctantly pulled in an attempt to escape. “No! Mother please! I don’t want to! I don’t want to!” She whined and choked back on her tears. Thrashing her head left to right in a scream of defiance, cheeks burning red from the blood rushing to her face. It was quite a spectacle for a Wednesday afternoon, many commuters going to work or running errands stopped in their tracks to idly send disapproving glares at the halflings' noise. After a harsh yank to the wrist, the girl stopped her pleading and erupted in heartfelt sobs being reluctantly dragged into the clinic.

    “ Madame d’Rouban?-...This is your child here for clipping?” An obnoxious woman spoke nasally to the pair in the entryway, sneering slightly at the loud sobbing of the child. Madlene, the mother, nodded her head and pulled at her daughter to stand up straight.

    “That’s right. I booked her appointment last month, her birthday is today, she’s old enough to undergo the procedure now.” The lady spoke, peering down to her daughter momentarily. Casting a side-glance to the half-elves pointed ears at the side of her head before crouching down to be at her level. “This will do you good in life. If we don’t do this all you’ll receive is backlash for your mixed blood, you’ll thank me one day.” She idly wiped away her daughters tears, giving her shoulders a light pat before rising back up to stand.

    Before the young girl could respond, a yanar brandishing an apron and gloves walked into the entryway looking down at a clipboard “Ah this is my imperialising job?” His green gaze shot down to the small girl, a wave of pity and empathy stretched across his features and could be read in his eyes but it only lasted seconds, a dull and uninterested one replaced it. “She old enough?”

    Madlene straightened up as she caught the glimpse of the Yanar doctor, sizing him up momentarily with a studious gaze before nodding. “Mm, eight as of today. You’ve already received payment in advance.” Her palm slightly guided down her daughters back to gently push her in front. “How long will it take?”

    The Yanar paused at the woman’s question, going to step forward and lean down. His foliage rustling and falling past his face at the motion. Reaching out his hand he idly examined a small pointed ear between his fingers with the odd tilt of his head. “Hmm, shouldn’t be too long. I just need to make sure I shape the incision correctly so it looks somewhat normal.- 2 hours.”

    The terrified girl shook and whimpered as her ear was examined, shaking in fright as she stared at the yanar bewildered in fear. She hadn’t seen one up close before and it caused all the colour in her cheeks to race away. “P-Please do-” Her words were caught off by a hearty shoulder shake from her mother, when she peered upwards a brief smile of encouragement was shot down to her making her halt her words. Furrowing her brows in worry, looking to the man with concern. Before she could attempt to find more words her mother handed her palm over to the Yanar who grasped her hand in his and began to guide her towards another door, in panic she called out “No! Mama please! Don’t leave me!” She yelled frightfully, thick tears falling down her cheeks.

    “Nurse hand me the saharfaki cloth.”

    For a split moment the child noticed a look of panicked worry wavering over her mother's face before the door was closed, a soft wad of cloth was then pressed over her mouth and nose, a sickeningly sweet fragrance tickled her until her vision became blurred and subsequently darkness overwhelmed her.

    “Hush now Miss d’Rouban, you’ll be going off to sleep now.”



    ________-✧ ☼ ✧-________
    The City of Regalia, Sirtenlaq Estate 308ac

    Blue eyes stared back at the young Dame, a tentative touch to the shaped ears as she gazed into the ornate gold inlay hand mirror gifted to her. Tilting her head she examined them with a creased brow, they weren’t perfectly shaped, they were scarred, if it weren’t for her hair then they’d be on sight for all to see. Though recently she had a change of heart, rather than despising the vital part of her, she has grown to accept it, her past, her blood. She despised the change and rejected it as a child but where she stood now, she grew to appreciate the effort put in to give her a better life.

    “Dame Latimer? Your 2 o’clock has arrived, shall I take them up to your office?” Chimed the kind house servant with their hands tucked neatly into their front apron.

    With one final attentive glance and the securing of a golden earring, Fleur brushed her hair back into place, settling the mirror down upon the table. “Of course I’ll be up shortly.”

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