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    Massive has, several times, tried to "enhance" pvp with plugins. This is one of the most dangerous things massive could do. On the one hand, if you have a system that isn't creative but is very helpful in PvP, there will be just a single metagame using those mechanics (traits). If you create a plugin that is complicated and not powerful enough, then nobody will use it or people will just occasionally use it for something small like healthboost. Here I have a few of my own opinions that I have about PvP, being a long time faction owner, survival player, and recently a decent PvPer. I use decent loosely cause I choke a lot in PvP, but I'm not terrible in a 1v1. In any case, these opinions are 100% garenteed not to match up with everyone else's opinions, however if you do have an original point to make against one or more of these ideas then please do.

    unless Massive goes to 1.9 PvP (which wouldn't be the absolute worst, I'll explain later) PvP should mainly be about clicking, strafing, combo-ing and potting. Taking the focus away from that would probably be a mistake, unless you want to completely revise PvP. Thus, I think most modifications to PvP should focus on movement and knockback, with maybe some ways to occasionally block just a bit of damage for a burst of time. Any modifier (other than maybe knockback) should have a sudden effect that doesn't happen for the whole course of a battle, but instead deals damage all at once or gives potion effects for only a moment. This allows for recovery using vanilla PvP after the event has happened, and adds an element of timing to the mix.

    I think the thing wrong with traits is that they were just permanent potion effects, which we already have. The ones that weren't potion effects were usually the worst for PvP (like axeexpert and flywater.) They were just things that you figured out once then you did a certain way for every battle. Not good for PvP. A good traits system would have traits that effect different traits in different ways, thus making it common for certain weaknesses to go with certain strengths. If several different trait combinations were common, people could see what their opponent is doing and change their strategy based on that. Also, negative traits (or even positive ones) should be more situational... for instance if your opponent uses x skill or deals damage in x way you are effected negatively. Situational weaknesses paired with several common combinations is what would lead to more strategy in PvP, but this is all just for traits.

    Learning from traits and the feedback of PvPers, Massive has avoided plugins that directly deal damage, and instead added (with massivemagic) more environmental things, like mobs or fireballs that knock people back. I think two things about this. First, massivemagic should be a bit more practical in pvp, like perhaps a setting that lets you cast a spell just by sneaking for a certain amount of time then punching with any item. Second, massivemagic should have some hidden effects hidden in spells. These would be things that can only be learned by experimentation. For instance a word has a very good effect on another word when combined with a third modifier word thingy or another random value. Idk, strange complicated stuff like that, the more complicated the better to a certain extent. Not like complicated to code complicated, just like complicated as in includes math functions or something randomly.

    Idk I'll probably put more 20 page discourses on human nature later on... this is plenty for now. I have actual work to do. I'll definitely shorten these later... idk
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    I agree with some of this, such as the fact that PvP should indeed rely on vanilla PvP mechanics such as strafing etc. I also agree that there should be traits that are situational and affect other traits, such as armorpen and harmstrike in the original trait system. I do also agree with the fact that traits like swordexpert and flywater should not be involved in PvP, opening the way for more diverse builds with buffs such as healalways or healrevenge combined with other buffs such as harmstrike. However, the last magic thing sounds really bloody complicated and likely impossible to code (At least, for the current state of the server).
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