How To Use Packisle (explained)

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    Packisle / Job Island Explained
    What is Packisle?
    Packisle is an island full of different jobs for players to do in a way to gain both regals and lore items. Pack isle is used by many players on a daily basis to gain regals as it is one of many methods to gain regals easily on the server.

    How to get to Packisle?
    There are two methods to get to packisle. You can simply go to /tp quest and right click the NPC, or use the command '/tp packisle'.

    How do you get started?
    After getting to Packisle, you are wondering how do i get started. Inside packisle, there are several jobs all in different locations around the island. You can either explore the island, or use this table below this to see where every job is inside the island. Once you have found a job to do, you right click on the sign under the Tier 1.


    I have started a Packisle Quest, What do i do now?
    It is urged that you read the dialogue of the packisle quest. You will only need to read it once, rest assured unless you enjoy reading dialogue over and over again. The quests themselves are self explanatory. Some quests require you to right click objects such as signs, or item frames with items inside them, or blocks. Everything you will need for the quest will be around the area of the sign you started at.

    Stuck, Send help/I don't know what I'm doing!?!
    Calm down. You can simply get help by using a simple command of '/ti c Need help on this quest' or by doing 'h: Where do i find the logs for the woodcutting tier 1 quest'. There is no shame in asking for help if you get stuck. Everyone has been in the same position as you.

    I cant do more than 3 Packisle quests?
    Once you have done 3 packisle job quests, a 20 hour cool down will be in place after your 3rd quest has been done. You will simply need to wait, and do 3 jobs per the 20 hour wait.

    Packisle Tiers
    Packisle has tiers. Tier 1 will give you 15 regals per job done. After doing the same job 50 times, you will automatically go up to the next tier job to gain more regals and be on your next step further onto completing the Elite quests within the job island. Tier 2 will give you 20 regals per job done and tier 3 will give you 25 regals per job done. Elite quests can only be done once, and each Elite quest will vary in money and rewards at the end. Each tiered job on completion will also give you a special lore item for that specific job.

    My personal view on Packisle
    Fantastic. I love every aspect of Packisle/Job island. It is one of the easiest ways to gain regals to upkeep your properties in regalia, or faction upkeep and still have enough left over to go shopping in /tp market. Absolutely amazing.

    Special Thanks
    Special thanks to all the quest team members and other team members who have helped making this Packisle possible. :) Thank you.

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