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    Alright Guardians,

    Don't forget this might be dangerous, so let's put on our mean faces.

    So you've just joined Massive, and an angry faction leader has commanded you:
    "PvP and help us, or we'll kill you"

    A redundant threat, really, 'cause if you jump into Massive PvP with nothing but a plucky attitude and a wooden sword, you're going to die. A lot.

    It's the harsh and bleak truth of starting out in Massive PvP. It's difficult- it's likely different from any other PvP system you've encountered on other Minemen communities. And of course, that's even assuming that you know how to PvP regularly.

    Let's break it down into sections. We'll start first with the easy stuff-
    Gear, Terminology, and Logistics.

    Part 1 - Gear
    This part will be the first significant hurdle that you will need to overcome on the road to Mineman combat supremacy. For many, this is the roadblock that presents the most significant and ongoing challenge when PvPing on Massive. However, this hurdle doesn't come with the difficulties of muscle memory and practice as the ones proceeding it so often do, and is more down to money and method. There are several key pieces of equipment you will need to PvP on Massive, so let's give them all their own heading.

    This piece of equipment should be the first thing you attempt to acquire before you consider joining the fray, and if you take care of it and watch your durability, it will last you hopefully forever (that is not a legally binding promise by me, btw). For armour in PvP on Massive, using diamond armour is really your best bet- unlike some HCF servers you may have seen or played on, Massivecraft does not utilise different tiers of armour that bestow separate effects. A basic set of armour that you'd be able to use in PvP are shown below, with its respective enchantments.

    And, if you're a bit rusty on the enchantments and their uses, a full list of enchantments and their effects can be found here:

    A few I'd recommend for PvP when you have the time to acquire them are Respiration (Helmet), Depth Strider (Boots), and Feather Falling (Boots). Those aren't 100% required however, and you'll do just fine without them provided you stay away from water and heights. However, this armour will wear down as you use it, and will wear down incredibly fast depending on your opponent's weapon, both of which are topics we will cover in the Logistics section. Don't want to grind for the armour? We'll discuss the prices of each piece in Logistics too.

    There are three main weapons that you'll see on the field on Massive. Sword, Axe, and Bow. An example of each is shown below.

    As is the case with armour, there are certain enchantments you can add based on preference, like Punch (Bows), or Knockback (Swords). Enchanting and creating weapons is an order of magnitude more difficult compared to the armour shown above, so don't be disheartened if it takes you a while to acquire one of these. For a majority of your time, at least until you acquire the relevant MCMMO skills, you will be using a sword for PvP, so I would recommend you spend your time trying to acquire that first.

    Remember 5 minutes ago, when I talked about the "ongoing" grind of gear? Yeah well

    This is it chief

    Potions are perhaps the largest economical strain of PvPing on Massive, and for a lot of people (even experienced PvPers), this represents the single most difficult piece of gear on Massive to both obtain and create at a consistent and sufficient quantity. Potions are guzzled extremely quickly on Massive and you'll unfortunately spend a lot of time chasing these.

    There are four main types of potions that are essential for PvP on Massive: Strength, Speed, Fire Resistance, and the big kahuna, Health. Specifically, Strength 2, Speed 2, Fire Resistance Extended, and Health 2. A handy flowchart of the required materials can be shown below.


    However, you may be thinking to yourself: Potions? Lots of potions? Autobrewer yes

    Wrong. On Massive, we've attempted to limit the grind of potions as much as possible, and have our own system of potion creation aptly named "Potion Crafting".

    Does what it says on the tin- instead of brewing your potions, you craft them. A full list of recipes can be found at:

    Due to updates in Minecraft, you no longer need to drink potions in order to gain the maximum length of buffs, and so it is advisable to use splash potions for everything. Here's some examples.

    For such potions, you'll need to craft items such as glistering melons, magma cream, and blaze rods. All custom recipes found on Massivecraft items-wise can be found at:

    So get grinding. Glowstone and Gold ain't cheap, as any PvPer will tell you. Shown below is my preferred pot loadout, though this is largely up to personal preference.

    Oh yeah, and one last thing. Enderpearls and food. These two things are essential components of a PvPer's kit, and both should be stockpiled whilst you make your way towards being PvP ready.

    Welp, you made it through the Gear section of this thread. Are you proud? The next part is simple.

    Part 2 - Terminology
    PvPers are a strange bunch, and as such strange lingo will be unavoidable as you make your way through PvP spheres. Below, I've included a handy list of some terms that you will see around PvP topics.

    Combo- This refers to a succession of uninterrupted hits, and is a core component of PvP on Minecraft in general. Tips on how to create these will be covered in the Techniques section.

    CPS- This acronym expands to "Clicks Per Second" and represents how many times you can click your mouse in a second. Usually the higher the number the better, and we'll explain why in the Techniques section.

    W-Tap- This refers to a method of strafing in which the w key is pressed repeatedly. Extremely useful for creating combos, as we'll discuss later.

    Pots- Potions.

    Crits- Criticals, i.e. those particles that appear when you jump and hit someone as you are falling. Usually referred to as a "crit-out" when multiple players are doing this to someone in a corner, and allows for increased damage.

    Repot- This usually refers to players exiting a raid to resupply on potions, and signals a temporary pause to PvP as players restock.

    BP Pots- This refers to a common strategy where players will use their /bp to store extra potions, which they can use when out of combat to essentially repot on the field. These will run out however, so don't rely on it too much.

    Restrength/Respeed- This refers to reusing your buffs such as strength and speed so that you can continue fighting. This is a good time to crit someone out whilst they are reapplying their buffs.

    Knock Knock- This phrase is usually used in PvP chat, accompanied with a faction name (i.e. "Knock Knock Argost") To signify that players are attempting to raid a location. This seems to be exclusive to Massive, and the origins of the phrase are unknown.

    Ping- A measurement of a player's connection, and an important component of PvP. This phrase is often used in reference to two subphrases- Pinger and Lagger. Pinger refers to someone with extremely low ping (often less than 50), or someone who has such a ping and relies on it for proficiency in PvP. Lagger refers to the opposite- someone with high ping who relies on their Endermen-like movement for kills. The nature of ping will be expanded upon in Techniques.

    Knockback- How much a player is forced back when you hit them in PvP. How much knockback a player takes can often decide their competency in obtaining comboes and breaking other people's comboes. For the most part, less is better.

    Strafe/Strafing- A core PvP mechanic and refers to a player's side-to-side evasive moment when PvPing. Without strafing, it is likely you will not land hits, and without hits you will die.

    Pearls- Enderpearls.

    Gank- A term that refers to when multiple players are attacking a single opponent. Something you'll experience both sides of if you continue PvPing for any length of time.

    God Armour/God Weapon- A term that refers to an item with the best enchantments possible, i.e. the weapons or armour shown above in the Gear section. Can refer to other items such as pickaxes or shovels as well.

    Darkroom- Essentially a large open space mined out underground that allows for mobs to be spawned and farmed in a controlled manner; the primary method of gaining experience and grinding MCMMO weapon stats on Massivecraft.

    Told you it'd be simple.

    Part 3 - Logistics
    Alright, so you've got your gear, you've learnt your lingo, so what else is there to preparations?

    Well... a fair bit, if I'm honest. As usual, there's several components to this section, so let's start with MCMMO.

    MCMMO presents a key feature to PvP on Massive, and is something that you should learn to master before you step foot on the field or in the arena. For ease of viewing, I'll list the stats that you should grind, in order of importance.

    Acrobatics - This is probably the single most important MCMMO stat to grind for PvP on Massivecraft. It sounds weird, but bear with me. At maximum level, this stat will allow for a 20% "Dodge Chance" which will allow you to reduce the damage taken by an attack by half. That's huge. Additionally, this stat will allow for "Roll" and "Graceful Roll" at 100% chance, which are passive abilities that allow you to reduce damage from falls or even negate it entirely. XP is awarded for fall damage, and Acrobatics ability chances cap out at 1000. An effective way to grind this statistic is to dig 11 blocks down from as high as possible, place a chest, step one block forward and repeat until you reach bedrock. If portals are placed at the bottom and top of this grinder, you will be able to grind this out extremely quickly. As chests are considered entities by MCMMO and not blocks, their anti-grinding system that prevents you falling on the same block repeatedly is bypassed. Couple with Regeneration beacons and Feather Falling boots for maximum effect.

    Repair - This stat is incredibly important for the continued upkeep of your equipment that you will use in PvP, specifically armour. At level 1000, this will allow you to repair your armour without using XP at an MCMMO anvil. i.e. an iron block placed on the ground with 100% enchant keep chance. Keep in mind this costs more diamonds than regular anvil repair, however it prevents the issue of armour being irreparable from a "Too Expensive" XP cost. Once this stat is levelled maximally, your life will become much easier between fights as you will not need to grind out levels in a Darkroom or contract someone to repair your armour for you. The best way to grind this stat out is to place an iron block and magma block next to each other, preferably in an area with a regeneration/resistance beacon. Standing on a magma block will damage your armour extremely quickly, which you can then repair with the iron block next to it. The best armour to grind this stat out with is chainmail, as it breaks the fastest and is the cheapest to repair. The recipe for chainmail armour can be found at: and it repairs with iron bars (BARS, not ingots).

    Herbalism - For the most part, this statistic is largely useless in PvP- but one component of its skill set makes it invaluable as a PvP stat. Farmer's Diet is a passive ability granted by Herbalism that grants increased hunger from plant-based foods. This is exceptionally useful as it will ensure you spend less time eating and being ganked and more time fighting. At maximum level (1000), this statistic will allow for you to restore an extra 3 portions of your hunger, bringing your total hunger restored from a food such as a baked potato to 5, which in comparison is higher than any base game food item. To grind this statistic, a large sugarcane farm is optimal as this plant will provide the most MCMMO XP. Fishing achieves a similar goal, but only with fish related items and thus is less useful as well as being a much more difficult skill to grind.

    The following aren't as mandatory or ubiquitous as Acrobatics or Repair, however they can still provide an advantage in PvP depending on the situation. Don't rely on these too much however, if a player is better than you at PvP these stats will not save you 9 times out of 10.

    Swords- This statistic will increase your effectiveness when using swords in PvP. This skill provides access to "Bleed", "Counter Attack", and "Serrated Strikes". Bleed is a passive ability with a maximum 75% chance of being inflicted on an opposing player at maximum level (1000). Think of bleed as a slightly weaker version of Poison or Wither- while it may not last as long or tick as much as these potion effects, it has a 75% chance to occur on every hit and requires no input other than an attack. Very useful in all combat scenarios. Counter Attack, at level 1000, is a 15% chance to reflect 12.5% of the damage inflicted upon you to the attacker. This ability is useful in conjuncture with bleed, and allows you to break an enemy's combo and deal some damage in return. Serrated Strikes is an ability that will increase your bleed potency, making it last almost twice as long and allowing for an "Area of Effect" attack that allows you to hit multiple people with one swing (This Area of Effect will only do 25% of the original hit, so don't expect it to carry you in a 3v1). This is the only statistic that increases once you breach level 1000, so if you're interested in a buffed bleed that lasts for a long time, grinding past 1000 is your best bet. To grind this stat, a Darkroom with Strength 2 beacons is recommended so that you are able to inflict the most damage on the most amount of mobs.

    Axes- Like swords, this statistic will increase your effectiveness whilst using an axe. Without this statistic levelled up, axes will do less damage than swords. The axes skill provides access to "Axe Mastery", "Armour Impact", "Greater Impact", "Critical Strikes", and "Skull Splitter". Axe Mastery is unlocked at level 250 and allows the damage for axes and swords to be equalised. Greater impact allows for a bonus 2 damage against unarmoured players, and armour impact deals bonus damage to armour, which caps at 1000. Critical Strike is a 10% chance at 1000 to deal 15% more flat damage to an opponent, and is extremely useful perk for axe users. Skull Splitter is essentially an improved Serrated Strikes, as it deals 50% of the original hit, and can affect more opponents at once than Serrated Strikes. As such, axes are far better at group engagements than swords, and have utility in wearing down an opponent's armour. Like Swords, a Darkroom with Strength 2 is recommended to grind this stat.

    Archery- This stat will increase your potency with bows, like swords and axes. This skill grants access to Skill Shot, Daze, and Arrow Retrieval. Skill Shot increases your damage dealt with bows to a maximum of 200% bonus damage, and as such is invaluable for any archer to use. Daze allows for a maximum of 50% chance to freeze a player and make them look straight up, and deals 2 hearts of damage. Arrow Retrieval allows you to get arrows back from kills with bows with a maximum of 100% arrow retrieval, however only applies to mobs so is not particularly useful.

    Other than that, there aren't many other MCMMO stats that you'd need to grind out to be effective in "conventional" PvP. Stats such as Taming and Unarmed can be useful for niche builds, but I wouldn't really consider them to be useful in everyday PvP situations. Woodcutting can also be useful when using an axe to catch players hiding in trees, using the Tree Feller ability.

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    Now the real question is.. can this teach rpers to pvp.
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    Please help.
    Instructions unclear.
    Still dying in fights.
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    When I add all the technique stuff it hopefully will, but that's going to take some time because I need to add all the other stuff in
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    Thought this was gonna be some kind of “Point and click” kind of shit, but overall it’s pretty informative ngl (regarding massive pvp only tho)
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    my skill; has increased 10x thank you
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    Axes Crit chance caps at 10% at 750, not 1000.

    Archery Skill shot caps at 100%, not 200%.
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