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    “ Wir handeln durch die Münze. Durch das auge bereuen wir. “

    “ By the coin we trade. By the eye we repent. “

    ─ ◈ ─

    > Family Name |

    ‣ House von Eisner.
    > Family Colors |
    ‣ Black and Forest Green.
    > Family Culture |
    ‣ Calderligan.
    > Family Lineage |
    ‣ Lexxon.
    > Family Faith |
    ‣ Prosper Unionism.
    > Family Values |
    ‣ Discipline, Economy, Progression.
    ─ ◈ ─

    Family Lore

    House von Eisner began humbly as sailors, bent upon building a network of trade and power in the unforgiving Calderligan seas. They served the Hanse, and by association, the upper-class nobility of the region. They manned ships for generations, strengthening their craft. The family was successful from the beginning, each generation improving upon the last. Finally, they were given the captaincy of a sizable ship for their own use, thus giving the start of the von Eisner company.

    The man credited with kicking off the family’s modern success was known as Markus von Eisner, who laid the foundations of the present-day Handel von Eisner. Markus was ambitious, a trait shared by many in his family. During his time at the helm of the literal, and figurative, von Eisner ship Markus vastly expanded the family business. He acquired many vessels for the family during his lifetime, as well as building an immense trade network. He also married into another strong merchant family, merging the two into an even greater house. The family was booming, and Markus had now given birth to his firstborn son, Otto, with his wife Anneli.

    By the time of his death, Markus had increased his family’s wealth tenfold. With the mantle of responsibility now passed down to Otto. This change was far from beneficial to the greater ideals of the family and company. Otto was incapable of leading, and far from responsible enough to manage the entirety of the company. He was soft. In the end, he did one thing to benefit his family- marry and reproduce to attempt at rebuilding the broken Handel von Eisner. Otto recognized his own inability to lead and passed down the patriarchy to his firstborn, Erick von Eisner- when he reached twenty years of age.

    Erick did not fall privy to the failures of his father and instead grew up looking to his ancestors. The man had inherited the mind and attitude of his grandfather and began on the path to rebuilding his house and business. After a couple of years of work, renegotiating unfair and damaging trade deals while making new, far more advantageous ones, Erick decided to relocate the family and Handel von Eisner to the Holy City. Thus, modern history begins, a group of advantageous and strong-willed merchants looking to build their reputation and business in the unforgiving landscape of Regalia.

    ─ ◈ ─

    Family Characters and Biology

    Black - Deceased.
    Red - Unplayable.
    Orange - Playable; with extreme qualification.
    Green - Available with application.
    Blue - Played and active characters.

    > Mainline von Eisner |

    • Markus von Eisner - Deceased: The eldest of the family. Markus was a stern, and far from gentle individual. Credited with throwing the von Eisner family into legitimate prominence, he has long since passed.
    • Anneli von Eisner - 78: Wife to Markus. Generally seen as the caring mother of the entire house, watching over the younger von Eisner’s with much care.
      • Otto von Eisner - 56: The first son of Anneli and Markus. He held the title of patriarch for an extraordinarily short period of time. The man was blatantly incapable of leading the family and instead opted to give his son responsibility as the head of house. Despite that, he works back in Calderliga managing parts of the business.
      • Talisa von Eisner - 54: Wife to Otto, married into the family in Markus’ attempt to grow the house. An extraordinarily stern, though effective woman. She is credited with molding the mainline children, and thus is massively important, and looked up to, by the current family as a whole.
        • Erick von Eisner (@whypr) - 30: The current head of the house, Erick is a stoic and busy man. He’s grown to be extremely conservative- a staunch Unionist and effective businessman.
        • Marcella von Eisner (@Bertramqaz) - 32: The sister of Erick, Linnea, and Brandt, Marcella is an extremely well-respected individual within the family and outside of it.
        • Brandt von Eisner (@Arganam) - 29: A militaristic and tactical genius. He went on to attend military academies- then eventually become a knight of the Viridian Order.
        • Linnea von Eisner - 29: Linnea is an outgoing socialite, frequently hosting and tending to the many relationships the family has. Known for her somewhat scatterbrain and charismatic energy.
      • Rozalie von Eisner - 46: A widowed woman, constantly found grieving. She’s often found in the house, far from any sort of social activity.
      • Ivar von Eisner - Deceased: The former husband of Rozalie, having perished in the warfront many years ago just after marrying his sweetheart, leaving her childless.
      • Mathias von Eisner -46: Twin to Rozalie, an individual that works primarily in aiding the patriarch with his business. Always concerned over his deteriorating sister, carrying that burden on his shoulders. A doting husband to Laila, often following her around like a love-sick puppy.
      • Laila von Eisner - 45: Wife to Mathias. Married in from another Calderligan trading family. A virtuoso with wood-wind instruments and a creative talent when it comes to artistry. Often left to her own devices with her husband allowing her every request.
        • Magnus von Eisner (@MrNoot1) - 27: Son of Mathias and his first wife (now deceased), an extremely devout Unionist and economic prodigy. He’s just recently finished his extensive schooling and moved to Regalia. Half-brother to Frederik and Mari.
        • Frederik von Eisner - 25: One of the many sailors of Handel von Eisner fleet- Frederik captains a good number of the ships in the House’s fleet.
        • Mari von Eisner - 25: The youngest of Laila and Mathias’s children, having recently graduated from the School of Battlemed, extremely talented in her field.

    > Primary Cousin Line |

    • Hannes von Eisner - 49: Steward to house von Eisner. Hannes handles the estate and secondary problems of the mainline von Eisners.
    • Johanna von Eisner - Deceased: The long-time and recently passed lover of Hannes. A gentle woman known as a socially adept and caring being.
      • Kasper von Eisner - 27: A stuck-up and headstrong individual. Kasper is known for his ego- and his incredible sword skills. Extremely overprotective over his younger sister and wielding a fiery temper.
      • Aaren von Eisner - 25: A rebellious sibling to Kasper and Freyja, often trying to stray from expectations, sometimes struggling with crippling anxiety when it comes to familial pressures. Has a strong taste for diplomacy, politics, and sailing.
      • Freyja von Eisner - 24: The youngest of House von Eisner, Freyja is a powerful speaker and intellect. She hopes to follow in the footsteps of the mainline von Eisners and become a tradeswoman and diplomat.
      • Elias von Eisner (@onearmsquid) - 24: An adopted member of House von Eisner brought into the family soon before their entrance to the peerage.

    > Second Cousin Line |

    • Filip von Eisner - 46: Loyal husband to Brigitta, Filip is a head-strong military man, with a keen eye for strategizing in the war-front, a veteran in the field. Often reminding his family members of his accomplishments and achievements and telling stories. A firm conservative man, keeping his children in check with tough love and discipline.
    • Brigitta von Eisner- 44: Wife to Filip for many years, though her health is in a slow decline with deteriorating illnesses, often known to remain at the family's estate, only making public appearances when she is feeling well.
      • Child of Filip & Brigitta: Open for discussion.
      • Child of Filip & Brigitta: Open for discussion.

    House von Eisner Males

    The males of House von Eisner are all visually stoic and proud, generally standing anywhere from 5’11 to 6’2. Almost all of them sport pure brown hair with deep, forest green eyes. They wear their hair short and extremely well-kept, though beards are somewhat common among the men. The males of the family value fitness and athleticism, and many work to retain Athletic, or even Ripped body types. Despite that, the family tends to be more akin to intellects rather than warriors- with some exceptions. Many throw themselves into their study and success, thus proving to be extraordinarily well-spoken, albeit unforgiving, individuals.

    House von Eisner Females

    The females of the House, visually, look quite similar to the males. Despite that, they stand much shorter; roughly between 5’6 and 5’9. Their hair and eye color remain the same, though they wear their hair quite long. Women of the House somewhat value their athleticism, though focus more on social and public work rather than work in the economics of the business. Much scrutiny is in place when it comes to the attire of the women, with many of them dressing extraordinarily modest and poised. Psychologically, women differ strongly from males. They tend to be far more caring- working to become figures in politics and in diplomacy.

    ─ ◈ ─


    > Businesses |

    ‣ Handel von Eisner: The greater merchant business owned by House von Eisner and the source of the family’s wealth. While the business is most notable for its spice trade, the merchants of this business tend to deal in anything they can get their hands on.
    ─ ◈ ─​

    Rules and Applications

    > Family Rules |

    ‣ Play your von Eisner character as your main character- and bring forth your maximum effort.

    ‣ Play with the reputability and manner of a noble family. Seeing as this family is extremely conservative, rebellious characters will not be tolerated. Message the Head of House if you wish to converse on that topic.

    ‣ Maintain consistent OOC (Discord+Forums) activity.

    > Family Applications |
    ‣ Rather than just working with applications on a forum page, we would much prefer that individuals interested in joining the family simply discord message the Head of House at ypr#2222. It is far easier to work with people interested in joining through discord, as specific inquiries can be hashed out in conversation.
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