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    I. Introduction

    Family Name
    Rødsvar, House (of the) Red Spring
    Family Sigil
    A sword speared through a Red Leafed Tree
    Family Words
    We Carry On
    Family Colors
    Oxblood Red, Umber Brown, Steel Blue & Silver
    Family Culture
    Family Religion
    Old Gods
    Family Lineage
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    Like their ancestors before them, House Rødsvar stands

    as stalwart defenders of the North.
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    II. Family History

    House Rødsvar descends from the age-old House Viduggla of the North. It holds ties to the founder of House Viduggla, Fyn Uglhengivenson, dating back to times before 80 AC. Strong roots steady the Rødsvars among other notorious Northern Houses and while considered newly established, maintains a strong recent history in both the lands of Drixagh and the Regalian Capital underneath the Lord Garth.

    In the late summer of 309 AC, a schism within the House Viduggla occurred. Differences arose between Matriarch Tuija Viduggla and once Patriarch Garth Viduggla, leading to internal strife. This period of conflict did not last long, resulting in a three way divide between the House Viduggla. Matriarch Tuija took the name Nordhjem, traveling Northwest to the region of Viktofoten, while Lord Ardige Viduggla retained the Viduggla name and relocated to the region of Viksalbard. Garth managed to maintain the longstanding Viduggla lands in Bergelan, establishing the House Rødsvar shortly after.

    Quickly into the reign of House Rødsvar, the lack of members among the noble house became prevalent. The Lord Garth acted quickly, reaching out to an estranged family member on his father’s side and to the Lord of a loyal vassal House, Godtfred Vaskyrr. With the two families having an everlasting relationship, steps were taken to fold the House Vaskyrr into the greater House Rødsvar through marriage thus establishing a strong cousin line to create a stronger living presence.

    III. Family Characteristics

    Members of the House bear similar traits between the respective families that combined into one. Being brown, black, and red of hair is notorious among Rødsvars, leaving blonde hair a rarity. There are no common eyes among the Rødsvars, as green, blue and brown are all prevalent between the respective lineages. Additionally, Rødsvars are on the taller spectrum of Ailor and are fit, maintaining a healthy body.

    〘||⋅════════════》〘 •X• 〙《════════════⋅||〙
    Lord Garth has been apart of three noble families within his
    time in the Capital: Viduggla, Wodenstaff and Rødsvar.

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    IV. Family Tree


    [!] Additional Characters are possible. Message Beash#3551 to discuss ideas. [!]


    Kerastellar Viduggla | Deceased | The mother of the current Patriarch who died at childbirth. Sister to ruler Ardige Viduggla of Viksalbard.
    Morten Viduggla | Deceased | The father of the current Patriarch who perished in battle years ago. He is said to have married into House Viduggla to soothe local tensions.

    Garth Rødsvar | 28 | @BeashSlap | The Patriarch of the House. Born a soldier, molded into a Lord.
    Ardige Viduggla | 46 | Remaining neutral in the schism of House Viduggla, he remains the Lord of the ancestral House.
    Ingrid Viduggla | 26 | Ardige’s sol-kvinne, former Cadieux.

    Erobrsson Viduggla | 27 | Firstborn of Ardige and Karin Viduggla.
    Tuija Nordhjem | 25 | Forming her own House in the schism, she rules her new house in Vikofoten.
    Aksel Nordhjem | 25 | Twin to Tuija, he followed his sister into House Nordhjem.

    Frejnir Rødsvar | 23 | @OliverOnly | Son of ruler Ardige Viduggla of Viksalbard who joined Garth in the split of House Viduggla. He is an electric Great Oak Knight.

    Lovid Rødsvar | Son of Frejnir Rødsvar and Nadia Celyreos.
    Solveig Rødsvar | Daughter of Frejnir Rødsvar and Siselle Haagenvig.
    Tove Rødsvar | 29 | @falcvns | The sister to ruler Ardige Viduggla of Viksalbard who joined Garth in the split of House Viduggla. She is an aspiring diplomat known for her stature.

    Cousin Line

    Godtfred Rødsvar | 53 | Once Patriarch of House Vaskyrr, a longstanding vassal of House Viduggla. He is a man of wisdom who oversaw the fold into House Rødsvar in order to see his family members flourish in the Capital. He may have applicable brothers/sisters if older characters are desired.
    Thelka Rødsvar | 48 | An older woman proficient in local statesmanship, capable of handling smaller matters within the Rødsvar lordship. Said to be an estranged sister to Morten of House Staltra.

    Johanne Rødsvar | 25 | @Valorist | Once a Matriarch to-be, now the figurehead of the cousin line within House Rødsvar. She is a scholarly woman of the sea.
    Arvid Rødsvar | 23 | Second born to Godtfred. Open idea, age & name negotiable.
    Hartvik Rødsvar | 22 | Third born to Godtfred. Open idea, age & name negotiable.
    Eydis Rødsvar | 20 | Fourth born to Godtfred. Open idea, age & name negotiable.
    Ylva Rødsvar | 19 | Fifth born to Godtfred. Open idea, age & name negotiable.

    Apply with the knowledge that this will be your main or consistently played character.
    References: Optional but preferred.
    Reason for Applying:
    Character Name: Who are you applying for.
    Character Pitch: An idea of the character’s Appearance, Mentality, Personality & Goals.

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    1. IGN: IceResistance

    I'm looking to have a character in House Rødsvar because I've been wanting to have a new experience unique from the one I've basically situated myself in since I joined in 2018. Velheim culture is very appealing in terms of a different experience and I think the perception of Velheim culture is very interesting as well as many outsiders IC see it a certain way while it is much more in depth realistically. Why Rødsvar? As mentioned, I did have Velheim culture in mind of course, but I specifically am interested in this house because my interaction with your character IC, while brief, was a very fun experience and you were very professional engaging in RP. That prompted me to read into Rødsvar lore and I found it intriguing (kind of have to love the fact the Velheim houses are like connected by blood). Ultimately, I think it could be a good experience for me to engage and I think I can contribute and help House Rødsvar likewise.

    3. Character Name: Arvid Rodsvar

    TBD. I have ideas of course, but I would also like to see more into House Rødsvar and your ideology before getting deep into my own character if we could discuss. Two routes I am interested in pursuing though in particular are either knighthood/military or statesmanship. I enjoy playing social characters hence Arvid would be a young socialite.

    Appearance: Able to Change, but idea worked out for now:
    Shorter Brown hair, green eyes. 5'11
    Body Shape/Fitness will depend on what route I go with the character, although at least athletic/low body fat generally.
    Will probably changed slightly depending on route character goes.
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