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    Culture: Imperialized Anglian Ailor.
    Religion: Sancella Unionism

    Values: Family, Order, Military strength, Intelligence
    Colors: Burgundy, Navy
    Occupation: Mercenary command, Agricultural exports, Entrepreneurship
    Politics: Conservative
    Home Region: Midland, Anglia


    House Mohren is a relatively very young family, drawing its earliest noteworthy member back only one generation to 230 AC. Fredrick Mohren, born in the small town of Osterbach, Midland Anglia to a newly widowed working-class mother in 230 AC, managed to bring himself to some prominence in Osterbach by his young adulthood. Coming to a position of command in the Osterbach Militia during an armed conflict with a neighboring village, Fredrick proved himself as a highly competent commander.

    Spending several years in Regalia, Fredrick would set his ambitions for his family and hometown on the greater scale. Returning to Osterbach in 268, Fredrick would meet Christine van Amstel, a play actor and local celebrity. The pair were soon married.

    When another military conflict with another neighboring town sprung up, Fredrick would be the commander of the Osterbach Militia, leading his men to victory once again. After the conflict, Fredrick was appointed as Councillor of Osterbach by 269 AC. Immediately after, Christine would become pregnant with the couple's first child.

    In 270 AC, Fredrick and Christine Mohren would make a trip to Regalia for business, with Christine giving birth while the two were there. Christine would stay in Regalia over the course of the next several years, while Fredrick returned to Osterbach. In this time, Fredrick would lead the town in a series of successful military campaigns, as well as economic pursuits, to gain authority over a handful of small towns and villages in the area. The ranks of his militia would grow to one thousand, their loyalty coming to be more to House Mohren than to Osterbach, although the distinction was minute. Osterbach found its identity tied to Mohren and the young family's success.

    After time, Fredrick would return to Regalia to act on business and economic opportunities, while young Augustin Mohren attended formal education. In this time, Christine would manage the family's assets in Osterbach. Before returning to Anglia, Christine would become pregnant with the couple's second children, a pair of fraternal twins. Emma and Abraham Mohren would be born in 281 AC in Osterbach. While Augustin and Fredrick made a trip home, Christine would become pregnant with the couple's third and final child. Vincent Mohren was born in Osterbach, 290 AC. After Augustin graduated from a Statesman University in 299 AC, he and Fredrick would return to Anglia.

    In 300 AC, Christine would die from sickness as a side effect from childbirth. After his wife's death, Fredrick became highly reclusive, forcing Augustin to assume his authority. As the public face of House Mohren, Augustin became married to a woman named Adelina Hendricks in 302 AC. In only 305 AC, Fredrick Mohren would pass away, with Augustin now officially becoming patriarch and commander of Fredrick's mercenary regiment.


    Among House Mohren, there is a good degree of variance in appearance, though within a small range. Noteworthy is hair color, which tends to be either a honey blonde, caramel brown, or auburn red, with blonde colors being more common in women and brown more common in men.
    Also of note is physical build. Most Mohren men are of a somewhat above average stature, and typically athletic with lean muscle. Mohren women tend to be somewhat smaller in stature than average, with lean, somewhat athletic builds.
    Height tends to be between five foot and six foot for men, and between 5'0 and 5'8 for women.

    Family Members.png

    Family Tree.PNG

    Listed below are the relevant player-character family members, with dead ancestors not listed.
    Blue family members are played by the tagged users.
    Green family members are open and awaiting users.

    Augustin Mohren - @Legoclub22
    38 year old male Patriarch.
    Adelina Hendricks-Mohren
    26 year old wife of Augustin Mohren.
    (Note, this character has a special condition to playing it. Applicants should expect to play a cunning character as Adelina, and those applicants I feel will play the role well will be told the condition upon applying.)
    Emma Mohren
    27 year old female, fraternal twin to Abraham Mohren.
    Abraham Mohren
    27 year old male, fraternal twin to Emma Mohren.
    Vincent Mohren
    18 year old male.


    Applicants will be accepted, rejected, or placed on trial period entirely at my discretion. I will give preference to experienced players, or players I have had positive interactions with first-hand, should there be more than one applicant. Most players will be placed on a trial period of 2 weeks, wherein they will be asked to play their character primarily in the presence of myself or other family members.
    There is no requirement that you play your Mohren as your main character, or only character, but it is expected that you are active as the character and put some time into them.
    It is a requirement that applicants have Discord. Should you be accepted or placed on trial period, you can send it to me privately.

    Family Application:
    (Please cut out everything in parentheses when you send in your application.)​
    • IGN: (Your current Minecraft username. You may also include any noteworthy previous usernames, but clarify which is which.)
    • Punishments: (If there are any punishments on your /seen, provide an explanation for them. Additionally, if you have any successfully appealed punishments removed from your /seen, please provide a 1-2 sentence explanation.)
    • Activity: (From low to high, about how many times do you tend to roleplay on Massivecraft in a week?)
    • References: (Please tag 2-3 users who can vouch for your OOC character and conduct. Be sure to gain permission before using someone as a reference.)
    • Experience: (If you have any relevant experience playing a Noble, Aristocrat, or similar character, give 1 sentence for each instance. If not, leave as "None.")
    • Character choice: (The name of the character you would like to apply for.)
    • Character concept: (Give a single paragraph describing your idea for the character, and how you would play them.)
    Since House Mohren is a relatively small commoner family, there does not really exist any sort of house staff. However, if anyone would like to seek private employment by House Mohren, they can write an IC letter to Augustin Mohren.


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