House Deceres Hosts: Capture The Flag

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    In a time of war, a fortification is invaluable for protection from the elements-- and from other men. The current inhabitants of the ruin of one such fortification are under siege from a rival band, but the attackers must make their move quickly; a larger, more dangerous band is close by, and if they cannot take their prize quickly, they will certainly be slain.


    Duke Lyonel Deceres announces a capture the flag tournament to be held on August 7th at 6pm EST/11pm BST, testing the physical skill and tactical know-how of the Crown City’s knights and combatants.

    To be held at a fortified ruin south of the remains of Crookback, the tournament will be simple; there are three objectives and two teams. The Defenders will be placed inside the ruins, adding to defenses where possible and holding down the fort, and the Attackers will be placed outside, seeking to penetrate its defenses and claim the three flags inside. These flags will need to be returned to the Attacker home base.

    This should, ideally, run for at least two rounds, and at most four rounds.

    The tournament ends if:

    1. The Attackers claim all three flags and return them to their home base. This results in an Attacker victory.
    2. The Defenders manage to hold the Attackers for thirty minutes. This results in a Defender victory. The time stated is prone to change based on turnout.
    3. One team is fully wiped out by the other. This results in a victory to whichever team is still standing.

    Regarding Teams:

    1. Team captains will be chosen by the host, Duke Deceres. These captains will be responsible for coordinating groups within their teams and directing the general assault or defense of their points, with ten minutes given to plan and strategise.
    2. Both teams should be equal in number, or as close to equal as possible to ensure that conflicts are not overly one-sided or drawn out by great numbers.

    Regarding Rules:

    1. Use of Magic, Sorcery, Clockwork, or other such performance-enhancing mechanisms should respectfully be abstained from. Similarly, archers are asked to use padded arrows.
    2. Flags may be moved by the Attackers, but only to bring it back to home base. Flags may not be moved by the Defenders, unless returning a flag to its rightful place.
    3. There is a strict three strikes system in play; after sustaining three blows of any kind, a participant may either remain in the area where they were hit, not interfering with ongoing combat, or withdraw to the Attacker home base to observe.

    OOC Notes:
    You don't expressly need to, but you can enter your character name and sheet below with this template; this will be helpful for gauging things like the time-out period for Defenders to score a win on their own, as well as for dividing people into teams ahead of time. Thanks!

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