Hold Tight, Maraisburke.

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    August 19th, 307 A.C.

    Constanze du Brierüst, former Lord Chancellor of the Regalian Empire, has succumbed to a sickness she’s battled with her whole life. She has grown too stiff and weak to continue to reign over Maraisburke, and the stress has grown too much. Her unique taste in partners has resulted in a lack of heirs. She has entrusted the Duchy of Maraisburke to myself, her cousin and friend, Leufred du Brierüst.

    I vow to defend Maraisburke to the best of my ability and to respect the boundaries of its people. The power Constanze has built for my family will not go to waste and I will forever be thankful for the work she has put in to make our name household.

    I grant the Abbey of Nearhearth to my dear cousin, Milena, in the hopes it grants her the experience she needs should I perish prematurely.
    Leufred du Brierüst,
    Duke of Maraisburke.

    Constanze du Brierüst.
    Dame of Tirgunn.
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    "Leufred," Elyon muttered to him after sweeping her green eyes over the paper. "I don't think we can die... even though these strange headaches makes me wish I could."
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    Vulmar would smile brightly upon reading the news, "And thus it always lands in the hands of those who never thought they'd deserve it, but always did." He would quickly return home and write a letter.

    To the new Duke of Maraisburke,

    I wish you well. You and I are similar, very much so, and if you are in need of my perhaps 'sagely' advice on how to handle these new responsibilities, do not hesitate, brother.

    As we walk along the way,

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    "How? A lime eyed bastard as the head of a noble house!" Elm exclaimed still reading over the document checking he had not missed something shocked by the sudden change.
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    A passing Azra lifted her hand to send a harmless swat against the back of Elm’s head. “Hey! It’s DUKE Lime-eyed bastard to you, rat-hair.”
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    A red-scaled Songaskian seemed surprised and shocked upon reading the notice, and opted to write a letter to the Brierüst estate, to their new duke.

    You know me not, but woe to all the broken feminine hearts who cry not for Constanze's well being, but for that their 'position of power' as her spouse ever leaps from their fingertips. I wish your cousin well, Leufred, and hope she makes a recovery through her struggles. I offer the healing capacities of the soul rivers to help ease her pain, for what good it may do. Be safe, and best wishes in your new position.

    May She Illuminate You,
    Celestin Itoro.
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