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    308 AC, Imperial Isle District, Regalia

    The Office of the Secretary Whip sits in the Chancellory Headquarters, with Jared Silverhand sat within on most days. However, with his many duties to the realm as a Dragon Knight and a State Agent, he is not found in his office as often as one would typically require of a high ranking government official. Lo, just outside his office is a tablature of upcoming meetings, which any citizen of the Empire, from noble to dockhand, may make use of to schedule an appointment with the former Kade.

    In addition to scheduling a direct meeting with the Whip, one may use this Office Tablature to request a meeting or make a classified report/complaint/praise about any member of the State Government, or any relevant matter. The meeting is then enforced and set up by the Whip, and the Reports are also processed in this manner. This information may be passed on to the Court, Chancellor, and other, worldly powers in the city, acting as a means for the public to hold the State accountable and help spread the word of their success and failures when relevant. (Via Public Thread Response or Private PM with the template below, both purely in character)

    The Secretary Whip's Rights!

    1. The right to dictate the performance of an Imperial Summons. This is a 1 on 1 accusation inquest by the Whip in front of the Chancellor, wherein the Whip singles out a Minister or state agent they believe should be fired or disciplined, and try to convince the Chancellor by performing an accusation in front of him at the Regalian Senate Hall.
    2. The right to dictate search warrants on Noble Estate to the Old Guard Charter.
    3. The right to call noble titleholders to answer for their actions where the Regalian State has an interest.
    4. The right to call for a Diet of the Nobility without the consent of the nobility, provided that a justification can be provided in the interests of the State. As an aside note, this still requires three days notice to be given ahead of time.
    5. The right to assemble ad hoc committees and tribunals to handle minor matters in the Regalian Capital.
    Examples of Letters!

    "His Excellency Whip Silverhand,

    I saw Secretary Reginald walking in the Old Town the other day, and he flippantly dismissed his duties, while drinking with Dwarves! The scandal of it all! Myself and my friend Roddy bore witness to this, near the Nook Tavern

    I want to request a meeting with the Secretary Bumblemore! He's been dodging me and I want to yell at him about that latest legislation that was passed!

    I would like to send my thanks to the State, as Secretary Dranglepuss' recent policy on immigration has helped me and my family greatly!"

    State Archive

    1. --September the 2nd TBD--
    2. Chancellory Offices and Positions

    The Letter Template!

    • Character Name: (This can be sent in Private or as a Response to this Thread)
    • IC Letter Reasoning/Report: Summarized (2 sentences max) description of the intent of the meeting, or the Report.
    • Preferred Time: 1-3 times that would be ideal for a meeting, to be confirmed via a Discord pm, along with a forums @LumosJared tag.

    Those wishing to appeal to the Secretary of the Whip over any Government related matter, should reply to this thread, or if they've scheduled a meeting, go to the Office personally at the Chancellory Building, behind the old Assembly Hall, on the 3rd floor. (Send a Forums Conversation or Discord at LumosJared#9185 if needed)
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