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    Hello, everyone new and old within this Massive community. My name is Luke and I’m new to Massivecraft’s worldbuilding and lore, but I have enjoyed reading what I have and can’t wait to be a part of it myself. I have a plethora of nicknames you can call me and if you wish to shorten “TwinQuicksilver” feel free to do so. I have even been called “Sliver” therefore I can assure you I’m okay with most nicknames I have been given.

    Silv | Sil | Stitch | Jackass | Twin | Quick | Quicksilver | Quickshakez | s1lverands1lver | TwinQuicksilver | HoiBoi | Haunter | Jolteon | Karkat | OK Sollux | Lu | Dick | Assraptor | Fuckass

    Just to name a few. I have both cats and dogs so I can’t choose one species over the other. If I did I would have to answer to four very annoyed pets that aren’t afraid to clamber over my laptop. I enjoy reading, writing, and blowing up orcs. That's pretty much it and seeing as I don’t know what else to put here I will answer questions if you have any. I look forward to seeing you all in-game!

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