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    As far as the eyes can see, factions are in bloom. Bountiful harvests of wheat, rye and barley line fields across Ithania, Essa and beyond, preparing for the uncertain winter ahead. Behold, a mountain of pumpkins lies before you!

    Join us on the 21st October at 9pm UTC / 5pm EST for three minigames: Harvest Season. Hide and Seek and Haunted House will occur at a later point next week.

    Get to the event by using /tp HarvestSeason, which will take you to a small carriage south of Ithania spawn! All of these events have been designed by Spectriel, Siosie and Jaehaerys! We thank them for their creativity and volunteering to hold this Harvest Festival event!


    Harvest Season

    Harvest Season is a simple game where participants attempt to gain as many pumpkins as possible within the arena before the time runs out!

    Hide and Seek

    A common game that we all likely know, the hide and seek event will randomly occur throughout the event! Hiders have a set time period to hide (!) from the seeker, who will attempt to find them after a grace period has run out.

    Haunted House

    The Haunted House event will be a murder mystery, with lots of hidden secrets located around the build! More information to come during the event itself!


    With all of these events, unique lore items to the Harvest Festival 2022 event will be distributed among winners and participants!

    We look forward to seeing you at the event on the 21st October at 9pm UTC/ 5pm EST for the Harvest Season Event!

    We wish you all a happy harvest!

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