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    This month, we’ll be hosting a 3v3s halloween themed tourney! The tourney will be hosted on Saturday, October 19th at 5 PM CDT/6 PM EDT!

    All Usual Rules Apply:
    1. No McMMO potions.
    2. No Go-Go Juice
    3. No knockback weapons
    4. No disguises
    5. No debuffs
    6. No God Apples
    7. No regeneration pots


    Each player on the winning team will receive their choice of one of the following:
    500 Regals, 40 McMMO skill levels,
    A custom piece of armor,
    A custom weapon (with 4 enchants),
    A custom vanity item,
    Or two rare crate keys

    2nd place team members will each receive 300 regals, or one rare crate key.

    3rd place team members will receive a total of 450 regals to split between themselves.

    If you win and choose a custom item/weapon, a staff member will contact you after the tournament.

    Live Brackets:

    Sign ups will end on October 19th so please register down in the comments of this post with the following information.

    Usernames of Team Members: (Three players)
    Representing Faction Name:

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