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    Chart Cropped Chem.png
    ~BAC Calculator~
    While the image and link do most of the explaining, this is essentially a guide to know how drunk your character is at any given time, how they'd likely act, and with the calculator, how they'll calm down over time. This is only a basic guide and it's not full at the time of writing, not a rulebook by any stretch. I also got most of this from google and asking bartenders IG.

    -Standard Drink Sizes (One Drink)-
    Beer (5%) - 12 oz, 354 ml
    Ale/Malt Liquor (7%) - 8-9 oz
    Wine/Champagne (12%) - 5 oz, 147 ml - 5 in bottle
    Hard Liquor (Whiskey, Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Gin) (40%) - 1.5 oz, 44 ml - 16 2/3 in one bottle

    DISCLAIMER: This guide will be updated as serving sizes/other information is found out for above drinks and others they sell at the tavern!
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    Don't RP drunk people if you've never been drunk RL. It's so embarrassing most of the time to see people fall over and gabble in confusion after three mugs of ale. Embarrassing for us European binge drinkers & domestic alcoholics.

    Also, I think the British unit-system is better representation & measurement than percentages in blood-alcohol content.


    The key in it is that the stereotypical "smashed" behaviour when people fall over, lose memory and stuff tends to kick in after 15-20 units. So for a day of drinking in your character's life, you can roll a d20 which will be the amount of units they can take. Add +2 if they are male, and add +1 for every body shape (in fat) they are over Skinny.
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    I've been drunk a couple of times; but I doubt I could RP it properly..
    There-in lays the tea drinker to the left!
    nut seriously drink tea, its better.
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