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    Hail friends, my name is Rexbeat (Rex). I do not normally do intro posts but this seemed like a very interesting place so I figured I would give it a shot. I originally found out about this server about a year ago but never thought I would be into it. As I am sure many of you know most Minecraft RP servers tend to be really poorly executed, but after looking at the wiki I must simply say my jaw dropped and I had to start my process of getting within this lovely place. Anyway, some stuff about me I suppose, I have been RPing for about 10 years and have spent about a quarter of that time with Dungeons and Dragons. Some other interesting information about me is that I actually collect weapons such as axes, greatswords, longswords and more in real life. I am also part of Ásatrú, for those that are scratching their heads going "Now, what in the hell is that?" I will explain!

    Ásatrú, is the belief of the older deities in the world, it is more commonly known as simply Old Norse beliefs or in some cases Odinism (I never use Odinism to describe myself for reasons). Yes, that does mean I recognize beings such as Þórr, Óðinn, Hel, Freyja and others as my deities. I am also a very amateur competitive Smite player, I main Vulcan though I am very much looking forward to playing Heimdallr when the next update comes out. For now, that is all I can think to say other than I am happy to finally be joining the community! If you have any other questions feel free to shoot me a PM or reply below! Have a wonderful day/night.

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