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    Great Survival Houses, as part of the Crisis of Nobles, can be canonized onto the MassiveCraft Wiki as a canon part of the Alorian Lore, where they will remain and can for example be referenced in Regalian Roleplay. The process of Canonization of Great Houses is described below. Note, canonization is a purely optional feature that is offered by the Lore Staff to the Crisis of Nobles. This feature is not mandatory for either Players or Staff involved, and is limited by various rules and policies.

    The Process to initiate a Lore canonization is quite simple:
    • Submit a Great House Application if you fit the criteria.
    • Write a maximum of 3 paragraphs of Backstory lore to your Faction.
    • Tag @Lore on your application when/after the Game staff approve your application.
    • Lore Staff will review your Canon backstory and either approve, reject or give you a modification request.
      • Modification requests are not negotiable, if Lore Staff find a problem with the backstory that makes it incompatible, it should be amended. Refusing to do so will result in rejection.
    There are some rules associated with the Lore canonization principle:
    • Your faction lore should not conflict or contradict the geo-political realities of Alorian Lore. What this means is that you can't call your faction an Empire for example, because only few Empires exist in our lore. Factions can be "Viscounties" or "Republics" in Essalonia, but one cannot claim a global rivalry with lore states like the Songaskian and Regalian Empires.
    • Your faction territories in Survival worlds will not be recognized if they are declared sovereign. These lands are populated with lore states. While we permit factions to declare themselves regional warlords and mayors of major cities in those regions, claiming to own a region separate from sovereign states in Lore will not be recognized.
    • Your faction should respect territorial and racial integrity. For example, you should not write a backstory about running a faction of Dwarves in the middle of Elven territories, or about playing a faction of Angels and Demons, which contradicts our Magic lore.
    A small bullet point example of what is a good faction backstory:
    • This Great House, ruled by XYZ was originally founded in Ceardia, when XYZ became a local warlord.
    • After the loss of Ceardia, XYZ moved to New Ceardia and built up a series of colonies with his own hands.
    • When Regalia came to claim ownership over the colonies, XYZ expanded his influence across different continents.
    • To claim his own legacy, XYZ and his House raised an army and made way south to Essalonia to claim the crown of Essalonia for himself.
    • Along the way, XYZ met ABC and DFE, forming the great council of the Great House.
    • While the Great House holds only minimal relations with the Regalian Empire, they have positive relations with the Kingdom of Arlora and Nordskag, while seeing the Songaskian Masaya as their enemy.
    What is great about the example above:
    • It doesn't claim to be a global super power, it respects the geo-poliotical realities of Aloria, it respects continent history, it falls in line with canon history and lore and merges with the roleplay lore in a very non-intrusive way.
    We don't expect all survival factions to read up on lore. In fact, it would be recommended and encouraged for survival factions to hire role players to iron out their faction background lore. This is currently the only way for survival factions (that are Great Houses) to be recorded on the MassiveCraft Wiki, which will only occur on the terms set by the Lore Staff. If the Lore Staff and Great House cannot come to terms with a backstory that fits the lore, it will simply be rejected and no further harm or influence will be had on Crisis of Nobles. It's purely a cosmetic posterity feature.

    For questions, contact Lore Lead @MonMarty and @LumosJared
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