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    ≫┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈| ☩ |┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈≪

    <The following message was in Alt-Regalisch. However, it would not have been hard to find a translation.>

    ((Any and all character can read this and attend, it's only in Alt-Regalisch for the flavor.))

    ≫┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈| ☩ |┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈≪
    ≫ | With the collapse of the Hadrian Mountain Range, as well as the Calemberg Cathedral, comes the countless lives that were taken unjustly. These men and women were our brothers and sisters, our students and teachers, our husbands and wives.
    ≫ | While a landmark and beacon for the pious and proud alike has fallen, our spirits never shall. Hope and prosperity in the face of sorrow and pain is as sharp as any blade and as unending as any steel. That said, grieving is of course a natural phase, and one that must be passed to continue.
    ≫ | It is for this reason that I wish to show my solidarity to the New Regalisch community, to alleviate the pains of the tragedy and to memorialize those who have fallen. We may not all be Calembergers, but we are brothers in culture and brothers in grieving.
    ≫ | A temporary Gedenkstätte is being built at the Beerhall, until Calemberg can properly recover enough to build the mass-graves required for the souls lost this week. I encourage you to join me there.

    May they find rest in the Everwatch, and may we one day join them in Paradise.

    ≫┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈| ☩ |┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈≪

    Here are the names of guards who have passed on. Many more are still being discovered underneath the rubble, as well as the countless civilians and villagers who perished alongside them. I ask that such names are not forgotten.

    The missing were too long to list.
    Friedrich M. Abicht
    Konrad D. Ahrens
    Edmund I. Bahnsen
    Martin T. S. von Bamberger
    Herwig K. Bernstein
    Rudolph W. Bohlmann
    Thomas Cornfeld
    Samuel L. Drahrendorf
    Werner G. Duetscher
    Hans J. Dreyfus
    Roderick E. Dreyfus
    Ulrich P. S. Edelmann
    Hugo P. Eisenwalder
    Johannes M. Einstein
    Gerhard V. Engelsberg
    Dietrich M. Fahrenheit
    Franz F. Finkel
    Kurt. L. Forstmann
    Heinrich T. von Freiburg
    Martin J. Freudenstein
    Tobias Gehrig
    Rudolph L. Goldstein
    Erwin B. Görtz
    Reinhold K. Guttenmacher
    Klaus R. Guttenmacher
    Robert L. Grau
    Olaf P. K. Hagel
    Roger A. Hammerstein
    Johannes H. Handelsman
    Reinault K. Hartmann
    Heinrich W. Hegeler
    Roderick J. Heissler
    Karsten A. Herschlag
    Heiko L. Hildebrand
    Fredrik F. Hirschfelder
    Winfried P. Hoffmeister
    Eric P. Idelson
    Ernst W. Ivens
    Werner H. Junkermann
    Franz L. Käutner
    Fridolf M. L. Kehlmann.
    Dietrich K. Kiesewetter
    Audric T. Kipping
    Karl K. Klostermann
    Ralph G. Kohlberg
    Gottfried D. Kohlberg
    Wihelm P. Krämer
    Gabriel F. Krieger
    Gottfried P. von Landsberg
    Karsten P. Z. Lauterwasser
    Günther K. Leiber
    Theopold A. Lichtenfelds
    Ludwig W. Ludendorf
    David L. Lutz
    Harald M. Mälzer
    Wilfried P. Mauss
    Conrad D. Messerschmidt
    Thaddeus G. Morwitz
    Hans C. Neuhaus
    Jasper S. Nischwitz
    Simon P. Obermann
    Piero di Orazio
    Fritz D. Pfitzer
    Herman P. Philippes
    Joseph A. Ratzing
    Wildolf E. Reichwein
    Samuel P. Rockerfeller
    Luther L. Rossel
    Otto Z. Schnaper
    Lupin A. Schaumann
    <There was notably a pause here.>
    Elias J. Schmidt
    Erwin K. Schrödinger
    Johannes S. Schwarnzmann
    Wolfgang Staudinger
    Fritz S. F. Stoffel

    Sigmund M. Steinbacher
    William Spiegelman
    Klaus D. Stegmann
    Xaiver N. Stentz
    Milo J. Straßburg
    Axel W. Troyer
    Simon S. A. Troyer
    Ulric A. Umlauf
    Peterson D. Vogelwiede
    Markus K. Volkmann
    Edwin C. Wagner
    Quin P. D. Wahrmann
    Theo P. Weinfeld
    Wolfgang H. Weinstein
    Robin S. Weismann
    Maximus D. Widefeld
    Walter W. Wolfensohn
    Otto Wurt
    Melvin F. Zeiger
    Wilfried X. Zimmerman
    Hans P. Zweiger

    ≫┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈| ☩ |┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈≪

    If you'd like to pay respects, a memorial is being built at the Beerhall. If you know any others that were killed in this tragedy, please pen Erwin Braunschweiger. Their names will be added to the memorial.

    (/tp The Beerhall)

    ((This is not exactly a one-occurrence roleplay event, but rather, an invitation to a long-term, ongoing arc that'll take place at the Beerhall. If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them OOCly. If you are Nelfin and thus banned from the Beerhall, keep in mind that it is only an IC ban, and that I'd love to roleplay with you regardless. Simply ping me on Discord if I'm not online.))

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    ((Sidenote, since many are asking: I did not use a name generator. All of the people named are either actual characters or NPCs that I personally made names for. The process of finding them, coming up with NPCs and alphabetizing names took roughly an hour.))
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    ≫┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈| ☩ |┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈≪
    The memorial is up.
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    Dear Erwin Braunwienerschnitzel

    I have seen the name of my cousin on the list, I shall visit the memorial to pay my respects to Robin S. Weismann

    Signed Exuro Carlo Weismann
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    A Url kneels before a pool of Alu’s sanctified waters “First the wars, then the burnings, this earth quake, and now my friend, who more shall you demand from this world my Goddess. What more shall you take for an end, I can not see...” for a moment their is silence before he continues,”When will the prayers for the lost and the left behind cease flowing from my lips. Dear Alu and Julla, send me a omen so I might have the guidance to move forward and may I save as many lives as I have taken and as this destruction has cut short.” The Url said in Old Makdth mixed with common where the ritual melody failed to speak. His eyes set upon the hunt before him and the sacrifices to come.
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    To the propietor of the Regalian Beerhall, Erwin Braunschweiger,

    This loss of life affects us all, and I commend you for having some sort of memorial for those who have passed.
    I would request that you add my late uncle, the former Duke of Torono, Piero di Orazio, who was at the Dom
    at the time of the earthquake, to the list of the fallen. May the Spirit guide those who've left us to the Everwatch.
    As we march along the Way,
    Pellegrino von Giegedreher di Orazio,
    Patriarch of House di Orazio,
    Former Military Officer,
    Headmaster of Torono Coal Exports.

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