G'day, Me Ol' Sheila Thom Nagged Me 'ere.

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    • The populace who actively browse the introduction forum,
    • The few who click on this because they lack other things to do, and
    • The one, or two, linked this due to one reason or another, mostly to poke fun at me, or Thom (hate that guy).

    My name is [redacted], though I go by Sky online and that is a long reason why, short version is that I don't bloody remember and I cannot be bothered to message my old high school friends, and that's another story all on it's own (two parts lazy, one part don't have their number). I'm an avid role-player, been doing it since I was a wee tot and pretended to be a cop, ironically only arrested my minority friends (darn italian children taking all our corner store lollipops, I wanted the grape flavoured one and you darn knew it Marc).

    Basically, a good friend of mine (sponsored by Thomas.Co) Thomas told me of this place known as MassiveCraft, and I wont lie in telling you that I laughed about it, maybe made a joke here or there (tasteful jokes mind you, ones that you can tell infront of granny smith and she barely lets out a sigh of relief) and then we went on with our day, plotting against the British monarch for #Brexit. Now, months later, I had another friend talk all about MassiveCraft, and how he was surprised at how well it was, and so I said to myself "Well golly gee I guess I should give it the old, good try out".

    However, after wandering around the place for near the past hour, and doing so for a couple nights (on different accounts, unfortunately I am scum who plays with different accounts for different characters, kill me please) I couldn't find a single player, or get involved in a single piece of role-play! I am not saying this to complain, more so to ask for advise on how to join some groups, if I am unable to find any, or those that are around seem to not care for these 'out of town folks' and honestly I take full responsibility for failing on my behalf to 'interact' or 'join in' on the role-play, mostly because I tend to not want to interrupt premium role-play experiences.

    So, long story short! The character's I enjoy playing are those on the judicial side of the world, be it one who is a judge (my favorite by a long shot), or a standard guardsman (gate role-play is best guard role-play if you ask me). I would appreciate all help, assistance, high-fives, and advise you can give!

    Thank you for reading, and I look forward to responses.

    Yours Sincerely, some guy on the internet named 'Sky'.
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    Hi I'm Thomas
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    You're in the Illuminati.
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    Hello, and welcome to MassiveCraft! I was a lot like you when I first joined, not wanting to interrupt roleplays currently going on, and thus blocking myself out of any story. You sort of just keep trying until you find the right people, and from there you keep going. It's like a wave that's really hard to get towards, but once you are, you just ride it onward.

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