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    Hey all. Mostly for Survival people, and people who deal with Game Staff, but an okay read for role players too I guess.

    I have decided to throw myself into the ring in Game because of a variety of reasons. I have watched for years as Game continued to be a problem generating source for HR and Direction, where successive leadership branches have failed to reform, and invariably just ended up creating new problems. As server owner, I wanted to take steps back, was convinced that if I did anything myself, half the department would quit, or that Survival would turn into a wasteland. Well fuck it, let them quit if they want to. I am done trying to delegate the solutions to others, or burning out my personal collaborators in the process trying to make band aids for something that simply has not been showing improvement. I have essentially come down to the following conclusions:
    • Much of Game staff is clueless on simple processes and tasks, and defers to documents and bureaucracy over helpful behavior, and service for players.
    • Game staff is so busy making excuses for lack of work and progress, that this excuse generation becomes a 40 hour work shift in itself, coupled with patronizing attitudes to players.
    • Game staff is terribly marred by internal politics, power struggles and greed of rank within the department’s upper levels, useless meetings, false point reports, etc.
    Overall, Game’s performance is so down the drain that I have decided to remold the department based on my own specifications, my own preferences, and how I want survival to function, disregarding the opinions of the staff in how I want it to work, and for Game to simply accept that tone and culture change, or get out.
    • I am ranking down every rank 3 to rank 2, because no rank 3 deserves to be said rank right now for poor performance. They can earn their rank if they work, from zero again.
    • Sephite is removed from department leadership while I step in, however the long term goal is to train her up to run the department the way I want it ran, and then to hand it off to her when I am done.
    • For the time being, old processes will continue to be in effect, and I will tackle the aspects of Game one by one. Rules, Chat Mod, Cheating, Faction Rules, War Rules, Staff behavior, etc.
    • I will be revising every single Point Report from Game, and modifying point accrue where I deem necessary. People who do worthless work get worthless points, and people who generate important content will receive more points accrue.
    • Game will need to be re-focused from droning maintenance to content generation. Content, Content, Content. Instead of treating the players like petulant children, service to the player-base is what is most important.
    While I go through this entire process, Sephite and I will be communicating and holding hands in the process of reworking things, but I stress again that this is not a debate or a discussion. I am coming here slapping my dick on the table and doing what I think is best and necessary, based on how things were 7 years ago when I was the only Game staff member moderating 150 players, before Regalia was even a thing. Where appropriate I will listen to input, but Game staff need to become more used to the idea that not everyone’s opinion matters anymore, and not everyone’s opinion has equal weight. People who don't work, people who aren't there for the players, don't get to sit on glass thrones in high towers deciding how things work down on the ground.

    When I am done with what I intend to do, and I am satisfied with the functioning of the department, and I am satisfied that Sephite fully understands my ethic and culture definitions, and has embraced them, I will re-appoint her to rank 3 and department lead and director. She and I have already spoken about this matter, and she and I fully agree with one another, and she is also behind what I am doing. Beyond that, everyone will need to re-start earning rank 3 projects from scratch, because all past projects are now null and void.

    For all the staff who believed this to be unfair, they were told to resign now. For all those who thought they could not work in a new department culture focused on content, they were told to resign now. For all those who have trouble, or go down kicking or screaming, they were told to resign now. I legitimately don't care if half or the whole department resigns in protest, a sledgehammer is what is needed to take this bitch to town, and I'm going to take it to town.

    I am announcing a new direction for Game, and I am announcing that everyone who is a Game staff should get ready to forget everything they were taught, and begin learning from scratch because I plan to sledgehammer literally everything and rebuild it from the ground up. More announcements will follow when I have them. We will do a slow-roll out. Policies of the past remain in place until they get replaced, essentially. I told the staff to be momentarily embarrassed in front of the players, because it is necessary at this point that Game admits faults and moves on, instead of creating an industrial-level avoidance scheme of duty and work.

    I will, as soon as the first changes roll out, make a thread where everything gets recorded, but overall, we can expect a fundamental shift from everything including what staff focus on, how staff respond, how chat moderation works, punishments and restitution, cheating cases, ban appeals, defense cases, faction rules, war rules, general culture behavior of staff, acceptable modes of tone from staff to players and much, much more. I want Game to be less about just running around creating a masochistic torturous punishment culture, and focus more on creating content for the players to enjoy, while kicking back on the constant treatment of players like they are children who can't behave, and smack some respect into Game staff.

    Inversely however, I ask of the players in survival that they give me peace on mind in this process, and that I don't have to spend time trying to calm down tempers while I should be working on the processes of server management. I want the server to be a kinder, more fun, and more engaging place. I want people to have less time being angry with each other, and more time just doing things. I want Game staff not to spend 70% of their time arguing with players about how "busy" they are, and how many meetings they need to have before simple decisions are deferred to a 3 week waiting period for players.

    But I will also add that I am more of a benevolent autocrat, in that I will enforce a heavier bust on disrespect. If I am not successful and staff become liable for criticism, fair, fire away at them. But if what I do does work, I will not tolerate snippy bullshit.
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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by MonMarty, Jul 30, 2019.

    1. Jackalop3
      She's talking about winter :D
    2. Creamiest
      I was talking about winterless..?
      ya'll too fucking sensitive... you aint gonna die from people calling you by your first name... millions of people have that first name too
    4. CnocBride
      We don't want this thread to derail into a topic that has been discussed extensively elsewhere. Please keep it focused on the Game Department restructure and not the Creamiest-Jalapeno incident. Take it Discord if you guys want to debate.
    5. Viscar
      Shut up, Melvin Dean Jacquemin
      Nice doxx Neal patriesen
    7. SirePyro
      Ooof staff gonna lock the thread nao Ibet >_>
    8. Emkaloua
      Yes, yes, yes! I'm late but I always LOVE to see big changes in the works.

      Not only is this necessary (from what I gather from others who have firsthand experience; please don't fight me) but big things happening means piqued interest and piqued interest means activity is gonna grow AND players come closer together to survive whatever challenges are ahead.

      Remember how factions got deleted/reverted to the state they were in several months before? This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I LOVED IT. I loved seeing everyone working side-by-side to rebuild (and build anew) their communities. It was exciting, it was different; it was a bonding event!

      Let's take this thing by the horns together :D
    9. Tubbytundra
      As I understand it 1.13 and 1.14 are rather unstable for servers which are larger than like 10 people, I honestly think we'll have to wait for Mojang on that one.
    10. Violettee
      Bit too late to be worrying about that now.
    11. Violettee
      Well this rag team of misfits has the courtesy of checking with their chums if they care if they use their name openly.
      Sure first names aren't a high risk because millions of people will have the same first name, but some people will remain uncomfortable with it, and if you were really friends with these people, you'd have checked.
    12. SirePyro
      I only have snippets of whatever happened here, but I gotta agree - doesn't matter who already knew, using someone's IRL name IG w/o checking with them first is douchy as hell, though idk whether it ought to be banworthy. Regardless, yall should chill kek
    13. Jalapeno690
      So if I’m picking Marty up right, game staff are to cater for survival needs solely correct?
    14. Winterless

      While Game staff are taking a much more content-driven approach to staff work, moderation is still part of our job description. That won't ever change.
    15. Jalapeno690
      “Mostly for survival people” words from the kings own mouth, roleplay staff can moderate regalia
    16. Winterless
      The thread was mostly for survival people. Not Game staff. But, you are right in saying that Game staff do mostly cater to the survival community- but mostly doesn't equal solely.
    17. Jalapeno690
      For survival people and ABOUT game staff, how many hand staff do you see in the factions world? 1 or 2, normally have to beat them out of regalia with a help ticket in order to see one
    18. Huinkoch
      if you commonly see 1 or 2 gamestaff in the surv world, why do you say you need to make a ticket to see one when you can clearly see 1 or 2 in the surv world? (xd)
    19. Jalapeno690
      Don’t think you caught my drift bonnie, 1 or 2 isn’t enough, lucky some days if you see 1 in survival, especially at peak hours with the rest away roleplaying, how can they possibly think the game experience will grow from that, the past while if I personally wanted to see a game staff that didn’t mean me tping to regalia, I had to make a ticket, sets a poor precedent
    20. Cae_22
      Damn Marty really flopping it hard on the table, I was honestly scrolling through forums for the memorabilia sake and accidentally clicked on this post, even though I’m no longer active and don’t plan on returning I do honestly hope this gives Massive some progression. if only this kind of action was around when Factions were thriving.
    21. Morbytogan
      can you not shittalk boat racing as massive's boating champion i do not appreciate it
    22. ZiHAMMER
      Stockholm syndrome.
    23. Borkwood
      I'm looking forward to this.

      I am not being sarcastic. I hate that I have to clear that up, but based on all the negativity I'm seeing after no more than seven seconds of scrolling through comments, I guess I have to.

      Good luck Marty!
    24. SirePyro
      Marty doesn't need luck - he needs your thoughts and prayers(also hummus)
    25. Zacatero
      @MonMarty Have there been any additional updates in the past few weeks? After the initial couple days, there havent been any posts regarding this.
    26. MonMarty
      I put a message somewhere in the factions discord that my health took a dive last monday. I have things planned, just not finding the window to actually have the energy to put them down, but we've made great progress already-
    27. SirePyro
      Oof, hope ya feel better soon Marty.

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