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    Hey all. Mostly for Survival people, and people who deal with Game Staff, but an okay read for role players too I guess.

    I have decided to throw myself into the ring in Game because of a variety of reasons. I have watched for years as Game continued to be a problem generating source for HR and Direction, where successive leadership branches have failed to reform, and invariably just ended up creating new problems. As server owner, I wanted to take steps back, was convinced that if I did anything myself, half the department would quit, or that Survival would turn into a wasteland. Well fuck it, let them quit if they want to. I am done trying to delegate the solutions to others, or burning out my personal collaborators in the process trying to make band aids for something that simply has not been showing improvement. I have essentially come down to the following conclusions:
    • Much of Game staff is clueless on simple processes and tasks, and defers to documents and bureaucracy over helpful behavior, and service for players.
    • Game staff is so busy making excuses for lack of work and progress, that this excuse generation becomes a 40 hour work shift in itself, coupled with patronizing attitudes to players.
    • Game staff is terribly marred by internal politics, power struggles and greed of rank within the department’s upper levels, useless meetings, false point reports, etc.
    Overall, Game’s performance is so down the drain that I have decided to remold the department based on my own specifications, my own preferences, and how I want survival to function, disregarding the opinions of the staff in how I want it to work, and for Game to simply accept that tone and culture change, or get out.
    • I am ranking down every rank 3 to rank 2, because no rank 3 deserves to be said rank right now for poor performance. They can earn their rank if they work, from zero again.
    • Sephite is removed from department leadership while I step in, however the long term goal is to train her up to run the department the way I want it ran, and then to hand it off to her when I am done.
    • For the time being, old processes will continue to be in effect, and I will tackle the aspects of Game one by one. Rules, Chat Mod, Cheating, Faction Rules, War Rules, Staff behavior, etc.
    • I will be revising every single Point Report from Game, and modifying point accrue where I deem necessary. People who do worthless work get worthless points, and people who generate important content will receive more points accrue.
    • Game will need to be re-focused from droning maintenance to content generation. Content, Content, Content. Instead of treating the players like petulant children, service to the player-base is what is most important.
    While I go through this entire process, Sephite and I will be communicating and holding hands in the process of reworking things, but I stress again that this is not a debate or a discussion. I am coming here slapping my dick on the table and doing what I think is best and necessary, based on how things were 7 years ago when I was the only Game staff member moderating 150 players, before Regalia was even a thing. Where appropriate I will listen to input, but Game staff need to become more used to the idea that not everyone’s opinion matters anymore, and not everyone’s opinion has equal weight. People who don't work, people who aren't there for the players, don't get to sit on glass thrones in high towers deciding how things work down on the ground.

    When I am done with what I intend to do, and I am satisfied with the functioning of the department, and I am satisfied that Sephite fully understands my ethic and culture definitions, and has embraced them, I will re-appoint her to rank 3 and department lead and director. She and I have already spoken about this matter, and she and I fully agree with one another, and she is also behind what I am doing. Beyond that, everyone will need to re-start earning rank 3 projects from scratch, because all past projects are now null and void.

    For all the staff who believed this to be unfair, they were told to resign now. For all those who thought they could not work in a new department culture focused on content, they were told to resign now. For all those who have trouble, or go down kicking or screaming, they were told to resign now. I legitimately don't care if half or the whole department resigns in protest, a sledgehammer is what is needed to take this bitch to town, and I'm going to take it to town.

    I am announcing a new direction for Game, and I am announcing that everyone who is a Game staff should get ready to forget everything they were taught, and begin learning from scratch because I plan to sledgehammer literally everything and rebuild it from the ground up. More announcements will follow when I have them. We will do a slow-roll out. Policies of the past remain in place until they get replaced, essentially. I told the staff to be momentarily embarrassed in front of the players, because it is necessary at this point that Game admits faults and moves on, instead of creating an industrial-level avoidance scheme of duty and work.

    I will, as soon as the first changes roll out, make a thread where everything gets recorded, but overall, we can expect a fundamental shift from everything including what staff focus on, how staff respond, how chat moderation works, punishments and restitution, cheating cases, ban appeals, defense cases, faction rules, war rules, general culture behavior of staff, acceptable modes of tone from staff to players and much, much more. I want Game to be less about just running around creating a masochistic torturous punishment culture, and focus more on creating content for the players to enjoy, while kicking back on the constant treatment of players like they are children who can't behave, and smack some respect into Game staff.

    Inversely however, I ask of the players in survival that they give me peace on mind in this process, and that I don't have to spend time trying to calm down tempers while I should be working on the processes of server management. I want the server to be a kinder, more fun, and more engaging place. I want people to have less time being angry with each other, and more time just doing things. I want Game staff not to spend 70% of their time arguing with players about how "busy" they are, and how many meetings they need to have before simple decisions are deferred to a 3 week waiting period for players.

    But I will also add that I am more of a benevolent autocrat, in that I will enforce a heavier bust on disrespect. If I am not successful and staff become liable for criticism, fair, fire away at them. But if what I do does work, I will not tolerate snippy bullshit.
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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by MonMarty, Jul 30, 2019.

      what exactly are you referring to? pretty sure ive been a big supporter of most of the content added to factions which is right about 1 thing the past 25262625241 years, blaze spawner.
    2. Mojavens
      Facts this is what I'm waiting for. Everyone is waiting for this, crack the whip on tech and the survival players will be happy! This can be the first step in what players need!
    3. leichendame
      anyway you mentioned slapping your dick on the table, that must've hurt, and is the sledgehammer in reference to marty's spiritual dick? this is some big dick energy in my opinion.
    4. Tiaq
      A true message from a true god
    5. Jackalop3
      Better late than never
    6. Omnomivore
      I can say, from being a part of the Game department for 5 years, that over time the department did get bogged down with a lot unnecessary paperwork and bureaucracy as Marty said. There have always been cliques and power plays, unclear and questionable point reporting, etc. Over time it did exaggerate and get worse, and in my last year there was certainly a lack of leadership time and energy to try and fix the issues. Clearly I don't know how these issues may have changed within the past year.

      This is long overdue and I'm sure if Marty throws his energy in, this may very well send a breath of fresh air into the department. From the outside, it's easy to make assumptions on how staff is run and on the processes that go into point reporting, projects, etc. This is no small change, will have its challenges, and in all hopes will create internal improvements that will then be felt beneficially in-game. Full support to the Game Department and its changes, and hopefully the rest of the player base will share this support as well.
    7. VonZane
      Very nice, Marty. Eagerly looking forward to seeing where the server goes from here.
    8. Lilac
      Looking forward to the changes. Its about fricking time.
    9. aprader1
      Sounds like Iv heard this before... practice what you preach
    10. Proudbucket
      Last edited: Jul 31, 2019
    11. Togal
      Last edited: Jul 31, 2019
    12. Winterless
      Yeah fair call
      Gonna cop that
    13. Gumee
      This is something that Vanos as a collective has wanted to see for awhile now. We’re excited for the follow through, however until we see some actual reformation, our support is still tentative.

      Step in the right direction though.

      Fill The Pit (2019).
    14. Jareth
      if this somehow pays off, mama's going home to survival
    15. Jalapeno690
      Overdue, from my own experience, especially during the major grief that hit my faction in April, I found game staff hard to deal with, only staff that took any action at all were @Sephite who took time out of her own schedule and spent multiple days with me over the issue and @CnocBride who unfortunately as a game 2 had his hands tied and was able to offer whatever he could

      I recently said in a post that if the game staff were my workers I would have “roaded them”, a comment that got allot of back lash from multiple players, including former and current staff, however it is great to see Marty has taken notice and taken matters in his own hands, of recent I noticed a strong oppressive streak within game staff, hopefully this has ended
    16. SirePyro
      Agreed, staff's displayed concerning trends for awhile, looking forward to finally seeing improvements
    17. SirePyro
      Hmm. What is a better alternative in your eyes? The server owner is saying "I'm going to try to fix a broken department", and you think he's wrong to do that? If you aren't satisfied by the leadership at least trying to improve the server, I'm not really sure what you expect from them. You may be right, in the end - maybe this will go so catastrophically wrong that we'd genuinely be better off if it never happened, but I'll take staff who do their best over staff who don't any day. Just because the system functions okay-ish right now doesn't mean it can't, won't, or shouldn't be improved.
    18. JepTheLegend
      The replies are TL:DR, but I just wanted to say this.
      I don't know Monmarty much and I guess I had made assumptions about him based on how staff was run, but I have gained a lot of respect for him after this.
      Looking forward to seeing where he will lead the server. We're at a point where I would even prefer bad change over no change. Long live the revolution.
    19. Cythyan
    20. Septed
      This was fucking needed a long time ago. Half of the game staff who role-play were knocking down decisions from pvpers on how to better that side of the community, because they simply didn't like the idea of pvp, and were split amongst themselves. Hopefully we will see the benefits now
    21. Winterless
      Just so it's said, there's probably only four people on Game staff right now who Roleplay actively. I'm one of them, and I don't see any of the four actively beating down PvP ideas because they "don't like PvP". Game is able to recognise that PvP is a vital part of Survival, whether they personally enjoy it or not. That's why there are five pvpers on Game staff, who are able to give insight and knowledge on these topics.
    22. AtticCat
    23. Brentorockz
      Hay even if we get back to how the server was pre reset I would say its a step in the right direction. BRING THE CHANGE!
    24. Altalar

      does this mean I can be unbanned rawr xoxo
    25. Zacatero
      This is actually a good point to bring up. if the notion is that the Gamestaff need to completely be retrained... Does that mean decisions are overturned? And if so, how far back does it go? The current Rank3s that all got demoted have been staff for over a year and a half now.
    26. CnocBride
      Marty said in a meeting there in Discord regarding rules that certain bans will be reviewed. Creamiest was also mentioned to be in line for possible unban.
    27. Altalar
      I’d like to also add to this whole creamiest being banned situation by saying doxxing is releasing private information on a person.. what I did was tell someone their already made public information which was accessible to everyone on the server.

      There was also no intention to be malicious, I did so in order to stop said person from spamming general chat with “eat shit Creamiest” to which the individual continued to reply with slander against me. In in my defense wanted the message to subtly tell him to stop, he never messaged me personally to tell me to “stop saying my name” he just continued to say “eat shit creamiest” he knew it would bother me because I make irrational decisions I did what I did

      I feel like like I could have learned my lesson if gamestaff granted me a 3 month to 1 month ban considering what I did was give someone their own public medicine, however this opinion is felt by just me good luck to the future.
    28. Jalapeno690
      Nah what you done was stalking, it wasn’t public knowledge on the server, 5 years on massive and never once did anyone say my name or allude to my real life outside of massive
    29. Winterless
      Yea I've never seen you say your name once on massive
    30. Violettee
      Seconded. Like sometimes Jala and I have chats involving brief irl stuff but I still don't know him by name. Also it was bc of Creamiest that I know Winterless' name too.
    31. SirePyro
      Lol imagine having an IRL name
    32. Winterless
    33. Altalar
      If you look up your own username it comes up with your Instagram. It’s not stalking nor is it illegal to look someone’s username up..? You could’ve told me not to do so but instead you kept saying “eat shit creamiest” you should’ve grown up and told me not to say your name then, or better yet have stopped saying “eat shit creamiest” I didn’t receive any indication what I was doing was upsetting you. Having not communicated with you previously aside from a few back and forth arguments I was under the impression people already knew your name given you put your Instagram username the same as your Minecraft name.. sorry I made a mistake but if you don’t want people knowing your name maybe don’t put your username the same as your ign on minecraft..? Just an idea tho.
    34. Altalar
      That’s because he was okay with me saying it given we were friends at the time I repeat myself, I thought it was already known information given that I don’t interact with faction players much I thought you rag tag team of misfits were already good chums.

      (Ps if you weren’t okay with it @Winterless sorry)
    35. Winterless
      We're getting pretty off topic boys
    36. Zacatero
      Same @Jalapeno690
    37. Zacatero
      THIS I agree with. Somebody once mentioned in an official Discord server where somebody lived, and that person got banned for doxxing. But as it turns out, the steam account and Twitter account that the person linked to their account included their city and state in the USA. So quite frankly if you use your username in a place that has your real name and/or other personal information like gender or location on Twitter or Steam then it's kinda your fault. And I wouldn't consider it doxxing and I don't think most others would either.
    38. Jalapeno690
      When the fuck were we ever friends? Lmao, if it was public knowledge why do people call me “Jala” in general chat or ally chat, instead of my real name, catch a grip and stop back tracking
    39. Jackalop3
      She's talking about winter :D
    40. Altalar
      I was talking about winterless..?

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