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    With the announcement of the changes to the griefing rules on MassiveCraft, the Game Department has sat down and reviewed our internal darkroom policy. Darkrooming is a major source of income on the server and for the past few months, factions have engaged in unclaimed darkroom practices due to the alt rules. This thread will outline the changes to the alt policy and how the Game Department view darkroom factions.
    • Darkroom factions, through the use of alts, will be legal from the 15th October 2018 onwards. This is the only instance of where alts can be used to create a faction and claim areas of Essalonia. There are some restrictions.
    • A darkroom should only be a facility for grinding mobs and for any activities related to the darkroom. The darkroom faction should only be used for darkrooming and nothing else. This includes but not limited to: other facilities, brewers, storages, vaults, housing and cities for example.
    • The darkroom must be located on a part of the ocean of Essalonia, nowhere else. Any darkroom factions that are located on the land will be shut down. This doesn't mean that existing unclaimed darkrooms can't be used, they are still fine. Factions on land with darkrooms underneath them are not technically considered "darkroom factions". A darkroom faction is considered a type of alt faction. We consider the ocean to be the main body of water surrounding Essalonia, seas, lakes and inlets are not included.
    • Darkrooms can be no larger than 15x15 chunks or 225 total chunks. This is to ensure that no faction creates huge useless darkrooms that just hog space.
    • As darkroom factions are alt factions, they are obviously associated with a parent faction unless the darkroom is located under an actual legitimate faction. In the case of alt factions, all darkrooms must follow the naming convention of <faction name>DR. For example, if Faction Walmart create a darkroom faction, it must be called WalmartDR.
    • Darkrooms seen to be violating this rule will be asked to remedy any breach. Our internal policy will refrain from disbanding any DR faction except in the case of the DR taking up actual Essalonian landmass. In that case, we may disband the DR faction after a number of weeks if there is no communication between the player and staff members.
    • The Game Department will also begin internal paperwork of darkrooms so that we can keep track of violating darkrooms and ones that are within the rules.
    These policies are not in effect yet but will be from the 15th October 2018. It is imperative that players understand that alt rules are almost exactly the same except for the exemption for darkroom factions within these rules.

    Now for some other miscellaneous announcements:

    • We have also made a small change to Crisis of Nobles. The entry member requirement for Crisis of Nobles has been significantly dropped to 5 members. This was after consultation with many groups on the server and to ensure that smaller, but powerful faction players will actually get involved in the system.
    • We have established a new Massive Factions Discord to act as a sort of factions think tank. This will help staff create content that players enjoy. You can join here:
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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by CnocBride, Oct 5, 2018.

    1. 65jes89
    2. ZiHAMMER
    3. Ailethi
      How long does a faction have to fix a DR faction to fix the issues?
    4. CnocBride
      We have internal protocol of 1-4 weeks. Depending on the situation and how long we believe it would take to fix any issues.
    5. Lord_ArchAngel
      Just wanting clarity but, if I use my MAIN account to make a faction to have storage/brewer etc and a darkroom. Because it is my main account am I allowed to have the claim under my current mountain. Because the account holding said faction is in fact my main account and not an alt
    6. CnocBride
      That's fine but you cannot use alts to expand the claims as the only type of alt faction we are allowing are DR factions. Factions that have legitimate members and are within the claim rules can have darkrooms, brewers and whatever else they can fit on their land.
    7. Ninja124r
    8. openpit
      Is this a 225 chunk limit on the amount of claim the faction has, or a limit on the actual size? As in, would a 17x17 darkroom be allowed if only 15x15 was a claimed area?
    9. Zacatero
      If this were the case where 15x15 is only the claimed area and there could be more physical area... Why would you want to do that? People would be able to get in, set their own portals, break beacons that happened to be in that area.. it sounds like more trouble than it's worth
    10. CnocBride
      The 15x15 chunk limit is a limit on the amount of claimed chunks. If you have a darkroom of 17x17, and claim 15x15, those extra chunks won't be protected by griefing rules - people will easily be able to access your chunks too.
    11. Jalapeno690
      /msg subscriptshark for info
    12. Enderren
      Absolutely no storing or brewing stands? Or is it allowed to have materials stored for darkroom use/darkroom loot items. Such as brewing supplies for easy resupply should you be using potions, easy store chests for when you inevitably fill up with mob drops, materials for repairing weapons + more weapons?

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