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  1. Tigershield

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    Frosthelm faction
    It’s time for a change.

    He makes his way towards the gates with farec, his faithful horse, by his side. As he steps out into the frigid air, he slowly reaches his hand back to his right hip where a hollowed skeleton horn is sheathed. He wets his lips, and presses it to them, releasing a seemingly endless, booming tone. Before he can place the horn back in its holster, a legion horse arrive to stand next to him, each with a Dwarf sitting proudly atop. Beards of all colors and banners all different in size and shape answer the call. Do you?*

    They say the Dwarven empire has fallen into a slumber along with her King. They say that the clans will never be true kin again. They say Dwarves will never as powerful as they once were; that they cannot best The evil seeds. They say a lot of things. But we say the Empire has just awoken from her slumber, and soon will her King. We say that the clans have become united once again under our banner. We can say that Thanes combat Warseers and are victorious.

    I, Thane Tigershield, Thane of Frosthelm, have sounded the horn, and call for all Dwarves who wish for the betterment of their race to answer it and enlist into the ranks of the elite. We of The Dwarven Vanguard remember our predecessors of The Mountain Guard, and strive to stay true the goals it held. We defend our lands from those who seek to destroy it, as well as take to hooves, wings, and sails to bring the fight to the opressor

    We will no longer let the Empire slumber, empty. We will…
    Iron and Earth protect you !

    The goal of the Frosthelm clan

    To unite all dwarf clans (factions) under one banner.
    Making a bigger dwarven presence in the continents

    The RP aspects

    Try to RP as much as possible. Outside faction land, and inside faction land.

    The faction laws

    Never treat any other faction members or former faction members with disrespect. Do not make suggestive comments to anyone. Be mature and maintain our good reputation.
    Must be active

    Must understand and obey the hierachy of the faction.

    You must earn the right to bear the faction name granted to you every day. Simply having the faction name above your head doesn't mean you can rest easy knowing you're already a member, it falls upon each of you to maintain our excellent image each and every day,Dwarven proud!

    Above all else, we would request that every member accounts for their actions when wearing the faction tag above their heads. Do not under any circumstances do anything that would cause anyone out there to associate some bad behavior with the faction, or even yourself. If any news gets back to us about a member that had behaved in a manner that we find detrimental to the faction, you'll likely be removed from the faction without much chance for penance. Ensure you are never put in that position.

    No griefing, we have a zero tolerance policy for it!

    Do not kill animals that dont belong to you.

    Dont dig under faction land.

    Follow all the rules that Massivecraft has.

    There are other smaller rules in the faction F-home area. Read them

    Dont attack random people without the approval of leaders.

    Dont be afraid to ask questions.

    Faction politics are for the Thane and Greybeards.

    If you are killed by a player. Inform the faction leaders about it. via mail /msg/ingame .Or start a private conversation in the forums.

    Recruitment ranks.

    Hallkeepers ranks

    Thane – faction leader - The Thane is the supreme leader of the Frosthelm clan and can overrule any decision made by any other of the Dwarven greybeards. As well as strip a Dwarf of his rank if he proves to be inept.

    Greybeard(s)-Officers - Aged Frosthelm Dwarves that have earned the right to be called onto the caste of the short few of Longbeards. They can be called upon to handle political, trade, and internal affair. Also they can strip a Dwarf of his rank.

    Longbeards-Special rank- Longtime members with outstanding RP skill- Dwarves are taught from an early age to respect their elders, and the oldest Dwarfs in the hold are accorded the greatest respect. Their beards must stretch down to the floor before they are given the title of greybeard. The ceremony that follows when a Dwarf joins this elite caste is a great occasion; many a tavern has been drunk dry in the ensuring feast.

    Throne guards-Special rank- Are the King's elite personal guard and so are accorded a high status within Frosthelm. They are very skilled warriors and are personally selected by the Thane, himself. If a Dwarf should prove himself courageous enough over the course of many battles he may be selected to join the Hallkeepers.

    Wallkeepers ranks

    Ironguard – Veteren warriors who have proven their skill in battle and whose loyalty is beyond question. Ironguards have proven their loyalty to the faction, been to many events, and are always willing to help their fellow Dwarves.

    The unrivaled Dwarven force comprised of Beard (Or braid), muscle and above all: unwavering reslove on the battlefield, even in the face of insurmountable odds. The most renound fighters The Dwarven Empire has to offer, showing extreme loyalty and strength. Throne Guards are the most honored warriors within The Dwarven Empire. So dedicated are these players that they take every opportunity to fight the, never letting hordes of foes, their thirst for battle falter. The few warriors who attain this rank have donned custom enchanted equipment to better terrorize the enemies of Dwarf-kind.

    Warbrand- Rank granted to those who attend events and contribute to the faction by supplying, ores, or other materials.

    Thrall– Must have been interviewed by an officer, or have shown your Role Play skill to one at one of our events.


    In terms of events,we’re starting to hold many different types of events that we can come up with, such as:

    Horse racing
    Dueling tournaments
    IC runs through dungeons and raids .
    Ancient artiffacts and treasure hunting
    Training events w/ commands,formations, and marching. To boost teamwork in PVP situations, mostly for RP purpose.

    Jobs ( upcoming)

    Dwarven regiments ( upcoming)

    Apply for Recruitment (official form and thread upcoming soon in the recruitment section of the forums)

    It’s a Dwarven faction.
    We only recruit Dwarves
    A Dwarven skin is neccecary
    Willing to RP as a Dwarf very important.
    Frosthelm is located in the Ardaenun frost region.

    Frosthelm is not mass recruiting right now. Frosthelm is still in building stage. But we make exceptions.

    If you want to see pictures of Frosthelm go to this link.(that link updates daily)

    This thread updates daily on Frosthelm news. So keep tuned in.
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  2. Joshy54100

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    Mar 8, 2013
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    Don't make it all bolded... (facepalm)
    Otherwise it is pretty cool looking :D
  3. Beyar

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    May 1, 2013
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    Not a Dwarf, but I dearly hope this faction succeeds.
  4. Tigershield

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    Oct 20, 2012
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    Thanks for the respondse. And thanks for the advice about the bolded texts.

    With strong leadership it must work.:)
  5. theLionheart


    May 6, 2013
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    Wishing you the best, and when I someday start a dwarf faction, I hope I can prove to be a loyal ally!
  6. BladeKing17

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    Jun 5, 2013
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    I myself, am a Dwarf. I would gladly join this faction, if I wasn't already bound to another. In the case that our faction falls apart, surly you could accept me into your ranks as not only a member, but a friend.

    BladeKing17, Loyal Guard Captain of Faulduron.
  7. Asmodeus35

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    Feb 9, 2013
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    This looks good, I have my own faction, otherwise i would join, but I will gladly help you if you need it.
  8. i am a dwarf

    i am a dwarf Not Registered

    I would like to join your faction pls
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