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    Hello people of Massive, and Forum/Discord RPs!
    Are you a fan of Forum RP, Discord RP?
    Are you a fan of making entire worlds with intriguing lore and stories or seem fun to play?
    Do you want to get your own ideas out there and get people to help you create them into something more physical?
    Do you want to get your forum or discord RP noticed by more people getting promotions to a wider fanbase?
    Well I have set up the YOUR Universe Discord Chat which will allow you to do any and all of these things, and I think this might be able to help more where the forums limitations might not. Joining up will allow you to do all of these things and more, and even allow you to host your own RPs on there if you wish. To join, all you gotta do is have Discord and follow the link.

    Have a amazing day, and keep building your stories and worlds!
    Nick Moore aka OasisRP1​

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