Footprints On The Sand

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    “I came ‘soon as I heard.”

    The undine washed up on the beach, carried by a wave. For the first time in decades, she set foot on the Katharic Coastline, but for a worthy cause. A thin, water-worn letter was clasped between webbed fingers - small knicks and holes in the papers where she had gripped it too tightly, holding on to the chicken-scratch writing of the Wylathar she had taught to read and write.

    Zambezi sat on the shoreline, their many eyes glazed over as they stared into the sun-kissed waves of the ocean. Another shared memory, between the two wayward souls. One hand rose to offer a wave, as the others wrapped around their torso. Words fleeting, a gesture all it took to draw the siren to sit beside her old friend.

    “I’m glad we met, Zamb. We’ve had some good times, you an’ I.”

    “I didn’t think you’d come.”

    “Hey. Swimmin’ all the way over here ain’t exactly the easiest, you know.” She teased, flicking a handful of water towards the dead-man walking.

    “I wanted to catch one last sunrise together before you… went on.”

    They only gave a quiet nod in reply.

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    The two people on the beach were bathed by the midday sun.

    Two people, sharing one last moment together.

    The lone person on the beach was bathed in the midday sun.

    One person, one trail of footprints.

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    @GamingLeopurred Thank you for all the memories with Zambezi
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