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Discussion in 'Help Central' started by GravisRota, Oct 7, 2018.

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    Me and my guildmates have a floating island academy project. It will serve like todays universities but not just science and art, also magic. Actually the main focus will be magic. So we thought that it should have some conteds about magic and what is more magical than flying? So ive made an example of it in the singleplayer and i want to build it inside our claimed area.
    As ive read the rules and what i understood, as long as it could be raidable, it could be built. Ive made a thread long ago about the same project and got rejected. But i assure you the island will not be invulnerable. In fact it will be way open to raids than underground bases. With elytras it is no different than a ground base while raiding.
    So my question is will it be approved to build such a thing in the server. It will only have one connection to ground and it will be a strait 5 block wide stairs from ground to the main island in the screenshot. There will be no other connections so physicly it will be impossible to stand. But with magic, everything is possible. So i ask lore staff a way, a possible magical way that will be compatible with lore.
    If you want to take a closer look i can send you the singleplayer maps folder and you can check it out 1st person.
    Thanks alot for reading and hope it will me compatible and we can make this project real. 2018-10-07_15.00.15.png
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    As long as it is reachable from the ground, it is allowed. Normally we require stairways, a medium for natural ascent or either an enderpearl.
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    -light bulb- Have a vortex of magic underneath that lifts the build and have a parkour course leading to the top
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    what about the texture pack? :'(
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