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    • House von Duerr
      • invests another 10,000 into the economy of Duerrstein, increasing their economic presence, and continuing to try and encourage the local economy to medical oriented production.
    • House Delmotte
      • Pays 25,000 Regals to House Yaotl for some sort of arrangement with House Yaotl.
      • Pays 10,000 Regals to improve pro-Delmotte propoganda in Micelle.
      • Appropriates funds for Harhold refugees, but none ever arrive so the money is not spent.
      • Marceau Delmotte purchases 30,000 Regals worth of gems and emeralds from the Citystates, improving the local economy in the Heartland.
      • Dedicates a plan for 5,000 Regals to be paid to House Typhonus if they sent 5,000 troops, but only 4,000 arrive, so the money is held back.
    • House Typhonus
      • gifts 4,,000 soldiers to House Delmotte
      • sends in a very confusing order stating if "Delmotte accounts for 5000 soldiers" (which they do, since Delmotte expected 5,000 soldiers), follow up with an order to "House Typhonus follows with a payment of 25k total". The scribes become utterly confused by this order, since the Delmotte payment was withheld even if they accounted for 5,000 soldiers. So the scribes have nothing left but to resort to pay House Delmotte 25,000 Regals as their orders are specified, with the inclination that this was not exactly what Elros intended.
    • House Yaotl
      • Successfully sways the Viscount of Micelle to adopt Imperial culture, starting a slow conversion of the people to the Imperial culture from Ithanian.
      • Pays 40,000 Regals to fortify the defenses of the south of Hadar to prep for a Sendrassian conflict.
      • Pays 25,000 Regals to seek out monopoly odds for medical businesses, but the officers are told that monopolies are against the law unless they are backed by a Royal or Government decree. As such, the money is instead pumped into the economy to avoid it from being wasted.
    • The Common Ministry
      • receives 12,000 Regals from the OCM, dedicating 5,000 Regals to the Violet Order for supplies, and another 7,000 to secure the districts of the city, improving potential barricade supplies.
    • House von Drachenburg
      • Pays out 20,000 Regals to improve the regional political stability of their house.
    • House Avalorn
      • Sends a series of Mist Ships to move something or some people past the Black blockade and into Harhold territories, though what they are, is unclear.
      • Pays 5,000 Regals to the County of Rivellia in an attempt to improve relations, however this is rebuffed on account of feeling like a cheap gesture.
    • House Black
      • Sends 12 ships to continue the blockade on House Harhold.
      • Puts 25,000 troops under the leadership of House Viduggla, letting them lead the war.
      • Sends 3 warships of an indefinite mission to protect Hadar from Sendrassian raiding ships.
      • Pays 20,000 Regals worth of political stability improvements in Worthing.
    • House Slumberwood
      • Assigns their 2,000 troops to House Reinard's army and joins the Rourke-Reinard side in the conflict against Harhold-Yates.
    • House Fristadvlom
      • Invests 10,000 Regals in the economy through trade agreements with the Calderliga Union.
      • Visits house Kerwolf, asking what would stand in the way of positive relations. House Kerwolf resounds largely what the other Northern Houses also say: Fear of Typhonus invasion, and fear of Viduggla invasion, and being caught in a perpetual cycle between them, choose Typhonus and the north gets forcibly converted to Unionism, side with Viduggla and the lands will fall under their hegemony and they lose independence. Implying they would ally with Fristadvlom if there was a public agreement to protect their mutual independence from Viduggla and Typhonus.
    • House Reinard
      • Pays 10,000 Regals for further propoganda, painting himself in a good light in the Rourke War.
      • Asks for the desired peace terms, resulting in the Rourke Barons calling for a Diet in Regalia to publicize their demands regardless of the following battles.
      • Gets the army together under Deo dei Termini as Genderal and invades Harhold lands, pillaging industry and production and dropping the Economic Stability of the Royal Financial District.
        • This army consists of 6,000 Reinard troops
        • 2,000 Slumberwood troops.
        • 300 Songaskian Mercenaries under Sakara
        • 300 Dwarven Mercenaries under Forcus Ironfist
        • 300 Siege Infantry under Arquinius dei Termini
        • 300 Avanthar Horse Archers and 300 Szabadok Lancers continue to raid Harhold supply lines, crippling his ability to pay for more supplies for his army while no attempt is made to stop them or combat them.
    • The Synod
      • Pays 10,000 Regals to House Harhold to support the displaced people and refugees among their people. This act causes severe anti-Synod sentiment in the Archrevery of the Eastland (previously Loyal) over the fact that the Synod previously called the war to end, which Harhold did not do, and is now rewarding House Harhold with handouts to help his people and not doing the same for the Rourke Baronlands who suffered far more under Harhold destroying an entire city and sending tens of thousands to become displaced and lose their livelyhood. The Eastland Archrevery proclaims its solidarity with the Archrevery of St. George's Penance as both are largely Dragenthaler, who consider the Anglian a foreign invader, and the Synod clearly supporting House Harhold in the war on the people of Dragenthal.
      • ((Ive had to correct a previous progression, the Church of Father Salvation does not pay the Synod because it's a church largely based in New Ceardia, not in the Archipelago. They recommend yielding 2 more provinces at least to their Church, and in this case they will support the Synod financially. Previously I mistook the request from the previous HR for why Mt. Athos doesn't like the Synod)).
      • The Synod approaches the Archrevery of High Baptism, privately proclaiming that Saint-Lucia's denunciation of Aethelred Howlester is void, declaring all his Bulls legal. The Archrevery however requests that the High Reverend puts this on paper in a personal public letter to the people, and then secure a living Heron of Compassion declaration for Aethelred Howlester, since they are of the opinion he is still fondly remembered as the most compassionate and kindhearted Supreme Reverend in the past 60 years. These are their final conditions to rejoin the Synod.
      • The Synod also visits Zastorzy, asking for a church to be built in Drixagh. The Duke Zastorzy reminds the High Reverend that the whole of Drixagh accepted a law that any proselythization of the people would result in the Reverends or Curates in Drixagh to be put to death. While this law is still active, the High Reverend is allowed to visit on diplomatic ventures, but will be put to death along with all others of his kin if they try to convert northerners, finally adding "There are no Unionists in the North", a long clap-back to Harhold's proclamation that Vlissinghelm was declared 100% Unionist.
      • The Synod pays 20,000 Regals to establish a Cathedral in Ragulia, creating the Archrevery of the Ascenscion which is fervently loyal to Henri de la Riviere, and immediately dedicates all its troops and 50% of their income to the High Reverend, promising this investment for as long as he remains High Reverend, but asking him also to continue paying equal amounts of finances to build other Cathedrals in the other provinces and expand their Church control in Rumvalia, Bulvakia, Bossnenn, Bossarve, and ask the Holy Vierzehn to give the Cathedral of Regensburg to the Archrevery of the Ascenscion.
    • House Peirgarten
      • Dedicates 10,000 Regals to the Crown extra.
    • House de La Riviere
      • Attempts to send 9000 troops to march to Gallant-Upon-Bridge, in the East Dragh Baronlands. Immediately upon departure, the 5,000 Kade longbowmen stand down, their officers refusing to go north, indicating that they were "sent to expand Imperial Crown influence in the South Dragonlands", not to be sent on a military campaign to Dragenthal, thus reducing their numbers to just 4,000 Knights and Levies. This army crosses the Genevaud Cantons (who let them pass) and then enter the East Dragh Baronlands. Inside the Baronlands, the Barons protect greatly and start mobilizing their army, threatening the la Riviere soldiers to leave, or be treated as a hostile invader in a country that did not give them military access.
    • House Harhold & Yates-Varley & Viduggla & Black & Rourke
      • Hengest Harhold leading 40,000 soldiers plus 8,000 Yates-Varley Mercenaries for 48,000 total attacks the Rourke Army before it can meet up with the Viduggla-Black army, while also ignoring the Reinard-Slumberwood army and the 600 horsemen still harassing their backlines. House Harhold is unable to deploy any supplies on account of these raiders still being around, turning the supply money into a wasted investment. The Rourke Army numbering 47,000 soldiers stands to hold their ground, choosing not to retreat. Deo dei Termini and his 9,200 soldiers choose to engage the battle also, attacking the Harhold force from the western flank after the battle commences. The battle goes as followed:
        • Rourke vs. Harhold: 39 - 61 (+1,000 extra troops (1%) +5 Command advantage (10%))
        • Skirmishing Phase: 94, severe Harhold victory (-3%)
        • Melee Phase: 9, severe Rourke victory (+3%)
        • Skirmishing Phase: 53, mild Harhold Victory (-1%)
          • Interlude: -1% Harhold pressing
        • Termini Flanking: +5% for morale damage
          • Interlude: +4% Rourke pressing, Deo dei Termini is given command over the whole army of the Rourke, acknowledging him as the better General.
        • Rourke vs. Harhold: 61 - 39 (-8,000 troops (+8%) -generals equal +4% Rourke Pressing)
        • Skirmishing Phase: 60, minor Rourke victory (+1%)
        • Melee Phase: 10, massive Rourke victory (+3%)
        • Skirmishing Phase: 71, minor Harhold victory (-1%)
          • Interlude: +7% Rourke Pressing
        • Rourke vs. Harhold 64 - 36 (-8,000 troops (+8%) -generals equal +7% Rourke Pressing)
        • Morale collapse roll for Harhold: 46, mild collapse (+20%)
        • Morale collapse roll for Rourke: 25, none
        • Rourke vs. Harhold 84 - 16 (-8,000 troops (+8%) -generals equal +27% Rourke Pressing)
        • Final crunch: 65 mild Rourke victory
      • Deo dei Termini successfully unites with the Rourke Army. While the initial phases of the battle are definitely in Harhold's favor, the arrival of Deo dei Termini quickly corrects the discrepancy between the generals, and Deo dei Termini performs a number of skillful general moves which Harhold is unable to respond to due to the rapid flanking. Harhold's morale collapses by the ending of the battle, which despite the odds turning in favor of the Rourke army, leads to a mild victory for Rourke. The Harhold attack is repulsed from the Rourke border and the Harhold army has to return to the nearest city.
      • Before the Harhold army can properly break camp and arrive in the city however, they are intercepted by the Viduggla-Black army. Despite outnumbering the Black-Viduggla army, the soldiers are completely worn after 2 battle losses, hammered supplies, and still being chased by the Rourke and Reinard army, the Harhold army is completely dried up. Viduggla and Black's well supplied and fresh army under Ardige Viduggla with Garth Viduggla in command of the front lines. ((I chose to use the tense battle rolls for the previous battle, since it was pivotal. This battle is less important, and more of a closure, therefor this battle will get a simpler result)). As a result of all of these factors, the Harhold army practically disintegrates in a disorganized route, not with massive casualties, but with many barons simply choosing to pack their bags and go home. The rump of the army retreats to Vlissinghelm, digging in there with the remainder of the Yates army, The Rourke and Black-Viduggla army re-establish their occupation in the intermediate cities, not yet moving to enter a siege of Vlissinghelm or occupy the west of Harhold lands, leaving the occupation like this:
      • [​IMG]
    • Random Events
      • An exceptional tax return in Hästdrepland in Viduggla's Northland results in a tax return of 16,000 Regals due to momentary excess production.
      • A champion of the Joust wins a series of tournaments in Volgaria, gaining large fame and following for his personal martial skill.
      • Complaints arise in Drachenwald towards House von Drachenburg over a Baron in their lands who is supposedly grafting the local treasury and abusing the rights of the commoners.
      • A Salt crisis hits in Barlowe, depriving the entire Vlissinghelm-Anglia region of salt, lowering the production due to the unhappiness of the people and reducing the economy.
      • In the County of Coivra, a high Reverend of the Archrevery of the Flower commits a carnal sin, siring a child with the wife of a Baron. The child is given to one of the churches, where the local curates are still deciding what to do with it.
      • Pagan Influence spreads in Zuiderpoort, the Veer, with some pagans returning to the Veer lands now that house Tyrannian is gone. The Archrevery of the Farlord is yet to respond to the situation.
      • A boundary dispute follows between Vultaro and Vixhall over a region called Maxhallais or Marquesta. Both nations claim the region in the mountains between them since the discovery of a silver mine, and the situation might deteriorate.
      • A Merchant expedition is proposed in Rumvalia, the South Dukelands, for a major trade caravan to Farah'deen, but requires an investment from a noble house, to whom he will pay dividents if the trade pays off. Others say his venture is foolish and has too much risk associated with it.
      • A resource soar occurs in Rivellia, making Rivellia richer due to discovered new mines.
      • A noble in Groswald (a vassal state of Typhonus) is asking for support to throw out the commune and put himself in charge of the Barony. The noble is fairly straightforward, saying he'll accept help from any noble, which is sure to put this nation outside of Typhonus's influence, but will accept Typhonus money also. Others say his venture is risky, since even if he would win, he could face months of rebellions from the democracy minded locals.
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    When Deo Arrives.

    When we win.
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    Addendum: Eldradon Deredda led a 300 man raiding party to pillage towns in Narlas, trying to burn as many as possible in service of House Harhold. Unfortunately, this small raiding party got rough-housed a couple of times by local baronets and militia, eventually having to retreat back to regalia with numerous casualties, and without making any loot. To make matters worse, they said they would get 7,000 Regals from Hengest Harhold, but no payment is forthcoming.
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    Sakara stood watching over the Songaskian mercenaries as they rounded up the supplies they could scavenge from the battlefield. She did not know what to expect from her return to battlefield leadership, though reality was both less grandiose than any of her dreams, and also less catastrophic than any of her nightmares. Soon enough her kinsmen loaded up a pair of carts with the loot they were entitled to before an urgent missive arrived from the general Termini. A few Sofaal words shouted and the merry band formed into an organized column, departing the battlefield and following the Reinard army on their chase deep into Harhold lands.

    ((Also, ser Reinard putting together his army @Eronoc @Mortisian @Aurelian30k @BangersandSash ))
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    Addendum to the progression friends, I forgot this one too: House du brierust donates 10k regals to Harhold for unspecified purposes, assumed to be related to Milena du Brierüst's relations with the house and Aethelric Harhold to whom she recently broke off relations with, inviting gossip that there is a betrothal between them.
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    Forcus Ironfist had nodded in agreement as he'd help his fellow Dwarves with the supplies, giving them nods of pride as they had won a victory. However, something seemed off as he'dspeak with his Mercenaries. "I hope this becomes more defensive. However, as long as money comes in for us, we should be alright."

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