First Declaration Of The Occult Ministry

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    From the desk of the Occult Minister, Miss Elana of Brackenfell
    17th of May

    Within this declaration are laid out the structure of the Occult Ministry henceforth and changes to Regalian Occult Law.

    Article I.
    The Occult Ministry

    i. The Occult Ministry is tasked with ensuring that persons and things of an Occult Nature are allowed to exist in their many forms in a safe and responsible way. It will take whatever actions are deemed necessary to ensure this.

    ii. The Occult Ministry is composed of the Occult Minister and 3 other positions. These positions are granted no inherent authorities of their own, and exist as advisory and council to the Ministry as an entity. They are as follows:
    • The Warden, who is an expert on practical defense and treatment of the Occult: combating, protection and detainment included. [VACANT]
    • The Scribe, who is an expert on all tangible information to be found on subjects Occult: history, practice and theories. [VACANT]
    • The Augur, who is themselves a Mage of experience and reputable conduct, who is to advise the Ministry alongside the others on the practical and potential applications of Magic. [VACANT]
    iii. The Occult Ministry tasks itself with keeping an up-to-date registry on all legally registered White Mages (whose new definitions are outlined in Article II of this declaration), as well as providing those registered with ample opportunity to serve the Empire. To this end, the Occult Minister may be contacted by any interested parties of the Peerage, Marshal Cabinet or other Ministries about the potential utilization of one of the registered White Mages, and they will see to a swift assignment for the task should there be one fitting.

    Article II.
    Changes to Regalian Occult Law

    i. Henceforth, the Occult Power Legislation and Usage article of the Regalian Legal Code is null and void and is instead replaced by the following article.

    ii. Occult or Aberrant Powers are defined as the usage of those powers found within Sorcerers, Mages, Sanguine, Werebeasts, Silven, Dragon-blessed or the Undead. While this article does not define the legality of simply existing as one of said things, it defines the legality of using what unnatural abilities are granted upon those falling under said definition.

    iii. It is illegal to use Occult or Aberrant Powers. There are a series of exceptions to this:
    • It is legal while within the confines of one’s own home and only if said powers are not being used to harm any Citizen of Second Rank and above or in an act of self-defense. This does not apply to shops, and requires the explicit permission of the homeowner before use.
    • It is legal while serving as a member of the Violet Order and only while in the act of defense or attempted arrest, though one must first submit a Common Occult Registry Form (found later in this article) to the Occult Ministry and have it approved.
    • It is legal while one is a registered and approved holder of one of the following ranks recognized by the Occult Ministry and the usage of said powers falls within the confines of the specific terms of their registry. These terms are malleable and may be altered with written consent when one of said persons is commissioned by the Ministry for an approved operation. The registered ranks are:

      Court Mage
      White Mage
      White Sorcerer
      White Drake
      White Silven
    • These ranks do not allow one to use said Powers if the owner of a home, shop or estate they are within verbally bars them from using their Powers, unless the person has explicit permission by virtue of working for or with the Violet Order or on official Ministry or Imperial business by commission.
    iv. A Noble Family may have a single Court Mage within their employ, unless granted specific written permission from the Occult Minister. A Court Mage must already be a registered White Mage, White Sorcerer or White Silven, and the Noble Family must gain the Minister’s verbal or written approval before employing them. Upon employment, the Noble Family is required to provide their Court Mage with the following:
    • Comfortable room and board within their estate, no smaller than a servant’s quarters.
    • A monthly stipend of no less than 1,000 Regals for the Court Mage to use as they will.
    • A place at their dining table along with three meals a day.
    • Offered accompaniment to any events where Court Honneurs do not preclude the Court Mage from attending due to any factors of their person.
    If the Ministry finds that a Noble Family who employs a Court Mage does not meet these standards, they will rescind the Family’s right to employment of a Court Mage until they are reinstated at the Minister’s discretion. A Family’s Court Mage’s conduct will reflect upon their employing family in all potential positive and negative ways, especially so if a Family’s Court Mage successfully undertakes commissions at the Ministry or Empire’s behest. Additionally, a Family may choose to have their Court Mage represent themselves and engage in a Mage Duel with another Family’s Court Mage. Said Duels can be arranged through the Occult Minister, who will oversee and organize them.

    v. The Common Occult Registry Form can be filled out by requesting a form from the Greygate front office or via contacting the Occult Ministry. The person must include their name, nature of affliction or source of Powers, and position within the Violet Order for verification before submitting it to the Occult Ministry. If approved, it will be returned with the Ministry’s seal and the approved user may use their Powers as outlined in the 2nd exception of point iii. of this Article.

    vi. Registration for any ‘White’ ranks is done by meeting with the Occult Minister by appointment or public hearing, and then undergoing a personal interview that may or may not involve demonstration of the interviewee’s Occult or Aberrant powers. For the duration of the interview, all Occult or Aberrant powers are legal by the Occult Minister or Scribe’s official verbal consent. If said person is approved, they will be marked in the registry by name, nature of affliction or source of powers, and the terms of their approved registry. This will vary for each and every registered person, but may explicitly prevent the use of some kinds of Powers while granting approval for the use of others. They will also be provided with a minted license for their own personal safekeeping. If said license is ever lost, a five hundred Regal fine will be incurred upon them for the replacement license.
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    An addendum of communication is added to the declaration in post.

    From the Occult Minister,

    Due to the inability of my priors to keep any continuity in record-keeping, there are no official White Mages on record, and such all current Court Mages are now without their positions. See to meeting with me posthaste so that we can have everyone sorted where they belong.

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