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    Basic Information
    • Full Name: Finikke Kivela
      • Nicknames: Finn
    • Age: 26
    • Gender: Male.
    • Race: Sudemo Tarkkin Ailor. - Wooden Lineage
    • Sexuality: Homoflexible.
    • Preferred Weapon: N/A
    Skill Information
    Total Points: 26 + 5 = 32 Points | 10 Hobby | 10 Talent
    • Ritualism Group
      • +12 Ritualism [+12 Age Points]
    • Core Group
      • N/A
    • Talent Group
      • +10 Bodycare [+10 Talent Points]
    • Hobby Group
      • +15 Husbandry Arts [+5 Hobby Points, +10 Age Points]
      • +10 Pathfinding Arts [+5 Age Points, +5 Racial Boost]
      • +5 Needlework Arts [+5 Hobby Points]
      • +5 Horticulture Arts [+5 Age Points]
    Body Shape
    • 15/2 + 10/2 + 10/2 = 17.5
    • Average Body Shape
    • Average Body Fat
    • Emänkeel (Fluent - Native Fluent)
    • Common (Fluent)
    Ritualist Abilities/Aesthetics
    Oldt Fayth-Tarkkin Focused
    • Abilities
      • Ritualist Phasebeast
      • Ritualist Beastwarp
      • Ritualist Projection
      • Ritualist Phasewalk
    • Aesthetics
      • Ritualist Ghostmutter
      • Ritualist Ghostweave
      • Ritualist Ghostcall
      • Ritualist Lightmeter
    Visual Information
    • Eye Color: Light Blue.
    • Hair Color: Dusky Blonde.
    • Hair Style: Medium-Length Messy.
    • Skin Color: Pale Ivory.
    • Clothing: Traditional Sudemo Garb Preferred.
    • Height: 5ft 8in.
    Personality and Abilities
    • Character Alignment
      • Neutral Good.
    • Character Personality Type
      • INFJ-T - Advocate
    • Character's Religion
      • Oldt Fayth (Tarkkin) 10/10
    Life Story
    • Born November 19th, 281 AC to parents Jukka and Kaisa Kivela in a Drixagh Throatcapstog Sudemo Tribe.
    • His parents owned a Tarkkin Metsähivri Farm, providing for the locality for many decades prior to his own birth, and in turn, his parents.
    • Given this, Finikke was raised on the premise of the farm’s cabin, being exposed early on to the rugged, but wholesome lifestyle of the sudemo pastoralists.
    • Tragedy struck early in his life, where his parents passed away from a summer that grew too hot, causing local famine from many Metsähivri dying of heat exhaustion.
      • This would instill a distaste for the heat and summer months for Finikki from there on out.
    • Finn’s aunt and uncle, who also lived on the farm with the Kivela family, took him in with his cousins, raising him as one of their own.
      • Finikke performed a rites ritual for his parents at the young age of 9 years old, at a local Hiisi, with the help of one of the tribe’s Arpuja, Benu.
    • He was treated very well by his aunt and uncle, and cousins as well, who ensured he wanted for naught, and was still brought up in the ways of the Sudemo people, and learned the pastoral trades.
    • By his teenage years, Finn helped out on the farm for most of his day, and by night, studied Oldt Fayth-Tarkkin related ritualism with the Arpuja Ceviliis, who he formed a close teacher-student bond with.
      • Finn’s goal here was finding ways to see his parents once more, so he may never forget what they looked like.
    • After many years of work, Finikke became quite effective with his ritualist abilities, using them to help on the farm and the tribe as a whole.
      • Finn developed into a rather good natured person as a result of this. He was on the introverted side, a result of his childhood dramas, but not a shut in. Furthermore, Finn did achieve his goal of having the capacity to use Ritualist Ghostcall, a power explained by Ceviliis that would let him summon ghostly images of his deceased parents, which would become a destressing comfort.
    • As an adult, Finn was a proficient pastoralist, but grew lonely so deep in the Throatcapstog. He wanted to see more of the world, and meet interesting people.
    • Finikke ended up leaving his tribe, saying heartfelt goodbyes to his loving kin, to travel to Regalia, a whole new world for him. He didn’t know what awaited him, and would always plan to return one day to his beloved farm. Nevertheless, adventure awaited him.
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