Feed The Realms - Modded Singleplayer Survival Diary

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    Hello everyone, Ruku here and today I would like to basically share with you my records and fails of playing modded Minecraft 1.12.2. The goal of my time in this world is to build a farm (for reference see Feed the World by Yogscast Sjin) and have it fully automated.

    Current Goals:
    Storage Barn
    Wheat Field
    Pig Pen

    I had just started my journey in this new world, I saw trees swaying in the sunlight, the scent of vanilla pods filled my metaphorical nose (the brown flower stem-thing there is vanilla... for some reason in a plains biome) and to top of my perfect spawn I get stung by a bee (allergic IRL).
    Since this new world would be hard to live in, I quickly took to the life of an outdoor camper, dicing up some sheep for some wool and cutting down enough wood to anger the nearby Dryads - I was now set for slumber. I had a pick, some resources and a rather nice location to build a farmhouse, now all I needed was to go mining.
    While mining I found tons of iron, tin, copper, redstone and inferium, however with the curse of Pam's Harvestcraft I had no easy way to fix my hunger - and so I turned to the power of XL Food's bacon, thus allowing me to survive underground without starving.
    Once I returned to the surface I had to get to work on building my home, a place where I could sleep and enjoy some of my life saving bacon.... And then it started raining, a creeper nearly blew me up and by ironic reasons, a butterfly that looked like a moth appeared... THIS IS MINECRAFT NOT A CARTOON!!!
    To end off this lovely session I climbed atop a small hill to look down upon my new land, and with an ender girl, sat down with a glass of water and smiled at my new life. Logged off and went to bed.
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