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    The MassiveCraft Staff Team have been working hard on the new additions to Factions and Survival, and here’s an update on it as to what to expect! Whilst lots of edits will be announced here, expect future threads to go more in detail on specific points.


    Led by CS_Birb, Tech and Game staff have been getting ready to bring the server to 1.15, including bug fixes and necessary updates. This means you’ll soon be seeing crossbows, bees, new blocks and more on MassiveCraft in the near future! Custom recipes for items such as bells will also be implemented so all the new blocks can be used.

    Additionally, expect new commands such as:

    `/rc prioritize` to see staff name relations instead of completely blue

    `/bp` can no longer be interacted with whilst open with a PvP tag on

    The new survival factions map is coming soon! With new terrain features, ruins and environments, expect lots of interesting locations for factions to scout out before you decide where to settle. Combined with the 1.15 update, there’ll be enough to appease every player!

    After speaking with the community, it has been decided that absorption, healthboost and resistance will not be re-enabled in the future. We are looking into custom potions to replace them though, so answer this survey if you have any ideas for new MCMMO Potion changes!

    There will be some updates to the damage of certain in-game weapons to ensure more balanced combat with all the changes coming soon. Work has also begun on adding MCMMO to the newer weapons, such as tridents, but this will take some time to complete.

    Gone are the days of constantly hurting your teammate during a duel! We will now have a system that allows you to make temporary parties with people that will allow you to battle other parties (or solo players) without the inconvenience of harming your party member!

    MassiveCraft Factions will soon see the addition of Races, that can be picked from with slight advantages and disadvantages for each option which can be utilized in the survival world. However, this means we’ll be removing Traits from PvP due to similar features being included within these Races. Expect a larger post explaining the upcoming Races in the near future!

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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by pixYcandi, Jul 17, 2020.

    1. ZiHAMMER
    2. Jalapeno690
    3. Miracle678
      @Julu8 I know this is not all the info you’d like but this is some that we have .
    4. VonZane
      Are the faction transfer rules coming out soon? Most facs I know, including mine, are at a standstill until the rules are made public.
    5. qgmk
      Are you talking about transfer to a new world? This would only possibly be available if Essalonia is deleted, which is not planned for anytime soon. No rules or procedures to announce at this time, but we encourage you to keep building!
      Last edited: Jul 18, 2020
    6. Jalapeno690
      I stopped building, do we wait another year for 1.15 or another 2 years for a new world
    7. TakeDown__
      The tech team has gotten quite far with 1.15. It's on the test server now. There also was a stream of marty doing some work on the new world last night.
    8. Jalapeno690
      With respect I have seen several such streams each of a new world and each months apart and they were always flexing exercises, the tech bit I have faith in, the world part, I have zero faith in
    9. Julu8
      Thank you Miracle! It's a start! :D
    10. Chappers

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