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    After weeks of testing the effects of removing the ability to hide on Dynmap, we can finally announce that the trial was a success!

    We will keep the change!

    An overwhelming amount of people voted in support of the change, which can be seen on our previous announcement on this topic here: [click].

    With one trial out of the way we can now commence with the next one, which will bring new and exciting challenges to the Factions world.

    Following the next server restart after this announcement, combat tagged invisibility potions will be available and McMMO Taming will be turned off. This trial will last for two weeks and may be extended further if the need arises.

    Look out for follow-up announcements in response to this new trial and be sure to give your feedback!

    Happy Gaming!

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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by Battlebrawn, Jun 30, 2019.

    1. SirePyro
      Still no wither/HB pots??
    2. Violettee
      We have concerns over the invisibility pots, I’m being told that yes, when combat tagged you will become visible again and sure, you can’t hide in god armor, however your name still remains hidden for the duration of the potion’s effect? Is this true? If so then it's purpose will likely shift from sneaking around undetected and turn into a confusion advantage for certain players who would wish to not be identified during a fight.

      Also where was the call for taming to be turned off? It’s not widely used, And even so it was already nerfed. Can we get more insight into this? Thanks.
    3. Huinkoch
      You can make Wither potions. Need 750 alchemy skill to do so.

      Taming's problem from what I can tell is they were 2-3 shotting players, and it seems like they ignore iframes to an extent because a part of their damage comes from the MCMMO "rupture" background ability. This is how Gore does extra damage immediately. It seems to replace their basic attack rather than add onto it.

      The last changelog from MCMMO mentions "rupture no longer triggers iframes" and I think the wolves' obscene damage is an unintended side effect of that.

      I want to believe they didn't want to disable taming but literally everyone I've talked to that has fought against wolves recently (Ibeslurping's wolves, shane's wolves) has out said they don't think wolves are fair. Wolves were for a while on par with my elytra debuffs in terms of AIDS levels to use, so that probably contributed.
    4. 65jes89
      Don’t think anyone has been asking for those?
    5. CnocBride
      HB pots were specifically removed last year at the behest of the players in the PvP Think Tank. Why should we reintroduce them?
    6. Violettee
      I know McMMO Taming was disabled due to the advantage Wolves give in pvp, but was it your intention to disable this for all mobs? and is it considered a loss? Only asking because we were trying to spawn horses in today for a task, forgetting it was turned off.

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