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    This edition of Faction Spotlight is dedicated to the faction ChateauDuMayitra, run by the lovely Mayitre.

    ChateauDuMayitra is a small roleplay faction that is currently in the process of being built. Mayitre has big plans for the group, hoping to establish a community that enjoys roleplay in survival worlds, without the prying eyes of Regalia.


    Despite its current construction, the faction already boasts several features located inside its main castle, with plenty of opportunities for roleplay.


    Just off the main castle lobby is the dining room. Inside is a long, half-circle table that offers a chance to enjoy dinner or discuss your upcoming battle plans!


    Faction leader Mayitre is pictured here, where she boasted the help of GrumpyGirl314 and AWildJade with building and interior. GrumpyGirl314, in particular, was the mastermind behind ChateauDuMayitra’s glorious dining room!


    Futher down the hall is the castle’s gigantic two-story library! Get it? Two story?


    The firelight dances off of the stone walls as you enjoy a great novel.


    Mayitre also took the time to explain the banners. She said they were given “by an Elf who loved to explore”! She said that they are old faction banners, and that they were given to her to place in the library. Could your banner adorn the empty third spot?


    At the end of the tour Mayitre showed off the castle’s marvelous stone towers. She said that this particular tower was where you began to see Grumpy and Jade’s work intertwine. The two of them have worked very hard to decorate ChateauDuMayitra special for all of its members.



    The views from the towers were stunning. The horizon stretched for chunks over the water!



    Mayitre was generous to answer a few questions about her creation of ChateauDuMayitra.

    - When was your faction started?
    Unofficially, about 3 and some odd months ago. The faction was purchased from a builder as a singular castle with no interior whatsoever. My control started about a month and a half ago. I had paid the sum of 3,000 regals to gain ownership to the land. Largely thanks to Enigma and the Darkroom I had made for them, and a loan I had taken with Lyee to start it up.
    - What prompted you to start the faction?

    The goal has changed many times over the short while I've owned it. It started off as just a simple want to own a castle, which then evolved into a means to create an RP engine similar to Regalia, but with a much more relaxed, indulgent, yet still structured setup. Something people come to for relaxation, no stress on their RP, and just messing around, especially since Essalonia isn't lore enforced, and has no strict rules placed on it. I've extended the faction since to include other playstyles so people have some interconnection.

    - How would you define the focus of your faction? Survival? PvP? Builders? RP?

    A bit of everything. Foremost the theme and project is for RP. I've been mainly hiring small build teams for the purpose of building up the proper facilities for RP. But I've since included places for PVP to take part in a sort of mock-gladiatorial system atop the ramparts section of my castle, complete with spectator viewing through glass that is currently being built on. The Roleplay will largely be confined to a list-specific deal and held in rooms connected by portal networks. I'll also be setting up a servantry system for guests interact with. The PVP will, like I mentioned, be spectator sport stuff and also have a little instanced town-pvp area under the faction to emulate town PVP fights. I'll also have a third block, under development, a little secret. Those I've told about it will know what I'm talking about. Heh.

    - Do you count yourself as close to your members personally? Do you have any recruitment policies or tips you could share?

    Yes, yes. Ieso I've fought alongside with, Jade and her friend _OwO__ (that name, my god.) have been good friends in helping me stay up to date with Regalian RP, and jade especially has been helpful with her occasional build spruce-ups, Pilotos is my wingpal, have to respect his skill with the wings. PomPom I tried to teach to PVP, ended up hiring her to build. Blizzard is my BDO guildmaster, contractual obligation to keep him in my fac. Percuriam joined my fac as he was taking his last leave. And piptendo is a close friend from before Massive. Honestly? Tips? Proactivity is the name of the game. Actively /msg people, make friends with them on the spot. Though I feel Violettee would be better to ask about this, hah.

    - What alliances do you have with other factions? Do you think alliances are important, based on your faction’s focus?

    Enigma, who I've built a darkroom with and have some fairly decent ties with. I'm basically a citizen there as well as in my own faction. Qaliphate, I've helped Violette build her castle up, and am looking to help her set up her RP side and loreside. I have perms to parts of her faction as a result. Magnanimus, I've been fighting with Winterless almost since I've joined, either against or alongside him. I have access to a few parts of his faction as a result. And I maintain a semi-small list of allies, and try to stick to truces. But I do wish for a large ally list, yes. Mostly to attract potential RP or faction overarching politics that could result in some form of political factions RP.

    - What do you personally enjoy the most about the Factions Plugin?

    Ehh... I'll be honest. The plugin feels really, really, old. Not that much can be done about it, but. I can't really say I like the factions plugin itself, I actually fight quite a bit with it given things like no overall faction/town bank I can draw from, no customizable ranks, no child-region setting (AKA Regions I can make within my faction region, similar to /f access, but I can just set specific dimensions, perms in the area, etc), no Helper rank (basically a rank you give to people outside your faction, to give them build perms everywhere in your faction, without having to ally their entire faction or go through and /f access each and every chunk), as well as a very simplistic progression system (players = power, no effort expended to gain or claim land aside from just alting out the ass, as well as no Tier system to determine just how invested your faction is in the world), no toggleable faction friendly fire or regioned friendly fire except warzones (was a child-region feature), and no built-in war system (the power and overclaim systems aren't war systems honestly). Not that the plugin is bad mind you, it's just.. really old. I do like that it's rather easy to grasp the basics of, and it doesn't constantly nag at you for 25r a day.

    - What do you think is the key factor in attracting players to your faction? What seems to be the driving focus to keep players active in a certain faction? (The faction leaders and players.)

    Probably just my money and friendships I've made honestly. I keep hiring people to build on it. Later down the line, probably the roleplay and story opportunities I hope to provide. And the other secret bits.

    - What future goals do you have for your faction?

    So the overall goal is to provide something for both sides of the community to have a common ground on, like a spectator sport PVP, and semi-protected RP with some items that give back, and an overall story to chase if you're into that kinda thing. I'd like to see mending between the RP and Survival communities, and that's one of the goals I hope to contribute to. I hope to take part in the Blessed War as well, and hope to link up certain... factions in an alliance to that end. And, of course, as I mentioned above, I hope to provide a simple to follow, indulgent style of RP that is like eating a bar of chocolate to the wholesome yet slightly less comforting granola bar that is Regalian RP. I don't want to compete against Regalian RP, either, nor insult it or demean it, it is still important to the identity of the server and what everyone plays, I obviously don't want to step over that or claim it's bad. I've seen it firsthand, it's quite good, well put together. I'd like to play alongside it, and just provide some entertaining, less mind-intensive RP, kinda like short vacation breaks. But instead of it being random RP at random intervals, provide some structure and some light story to it. Something to follow. Maybe I'm naive and am going to run into a brick wall, but at least I'll have given it a shot.


    It was a pleasure to visit ChateauDuMayitra for this Faction Spotlight. Mayitre was a wonderful host and was very kind with questions and the overall tour. ChateauDuMayitra is a bright, new, upcoming faction that is on track to be a blooming roleplay hub in Essalonia!

    Would you like your faction featured in the next Faction Spotlight? Feel free to contact the MassiveCraft PR team to discuss!
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