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    Explore the cinematic world of factions with the latest video from our very own @ItsMeCustom

    Factions is the core of MassiveCraft, and judging by the looks of these amazing builds, we’re stronger, better, and more beautiful than ever! So sit back, enjoy, and celebrate our community!

    We've got more videos on the way, so keep your eyes peeled! Have you made a MassiveCraft based video that showcases the amazing talent we have? Link it below!

    (Please note that linking flamey videos is discouraged.)
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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by SpunSugar, Feb 19, 2018.

    1. EndersGameboy
    2. CnocBride
      "Factions is the core of Massivecraft".

    3. Maytee
      cool beans broskis
    4. Wooperr
      Woo I was in that, neat
    5. Ieso
    6. Maytee
      PvP @ Valorian

      Walking through Valorian's main city with some awesome shaders.

    7. 65jes89
      hey that's pretty good
    8. CnocBride
      Good to see faction defense
    9. Mojaven
    10. MyCatBubbles
      Honestly. Jerusalem isn't even close to being finished yet. I had no idea that it was going to be plunged into a PR vid until after an hour of it being recorded so its only fair for me to be screaming internally when I look at the footage. But you did a good job showing its good side so congratz ;)
    11. Lyee
      Oooh, nice!
    12. MokeDuck
      @Satisarah coincidentally made this video of Kelekroth to test some video quality stuff...

    13. Satisarah
      Hehe, it was fun! I'll be making more videos, too :D If anyone would like their faction filmed, PM me! And your vid is absolutely awesome, @ItsMeCustom :D
    14. ItsMeCustom_
      Thanks :P
    15. Jalapeno690
      You should film in places such as Alamut, places steeped in faction history, great video all the same and once again the staff have out down themselves! Keep up the good work!
    16. Winterless
      Pretty good but I'd suggest seriously emphasising that "1.8 pvp" aspect

      People will go crazy for that especially when they learn they keep their armor, cause there's hardly any good factions servers anymore.

      I'd also recommend you show some old builds like Alamut castle, Mag castle, etc.

      It's a shame Ellador isn't around cause there were some seriously cool builds there and massiverestore killed all of the historical builds like Osai and the Arthas city
    17. Alj23
      Can future videos feature that people can run their factions how they want, make them whatever size (member size) they want, and that diplomacy and faction relations (enemies/allies, war and peace) are possible and a big part of how factions work on this server?

      When I was first introduced to MassiveCraft 5 years ago, the idea of factions being their own little countries across the world and how they could interact with each other because of the large community that consistently played that made the above even possible was a big draw for me. I think MassiveCraft has a monopoly on having a community that makes creating a faction and making a place for yourself in the worlds, and is unique and no other server offers exactly that same thing. That is a really big selling point the server should be advertising every chance it gets.
    18. Ha5h
    19. falconhand
      @Satisarah I'd like to potentially work together on cinematic films of Damorn, if you are interested.

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