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    If it's not obvious by the title, this thread is regarding the collection of books in Massivecraft Factions.

    Throughout the history of this server people have been making player-written books, which provide a wonderful insight into how things used to be for those who were not there, or which provide a reminder to those who may have forgotten. It is my interest to compile these, if not in actual text (through copy in-game) then at least in mention of their titles.
    Below is a list of books currently in my possession, though I do not expect others to take the time to sort their own. I encourage you to share yours as well, should you like to.
    "One Empire by Pius_V"
    "Book of Morals by Pius_V"
    "Court Charter by Pius_V"
    "~{Sollo' Exam}~ by Sollomon666"
    "Lumaweh's Word by Pius_V"
    "Kushi x Cow...? by Kurayaki"
    "Kholodno H+C: V1 by Brownwizard"
    "Armistice Act by Pius_V"
    "Windcaller by Vixella_"
    "Tyberian Manual by BoomstickBug"
    "Grand Prospects by Pius_V"
    "[EA] War Act by Pius_V"
    "#1 Tyberian News by Wilvahelm"
    "One Empire [RE] by Pius_V"
    "Tyberian Guide by Kushiban"
    "Tyberian Rights by Pius_V"
    "Nightshade Info. by Ceilidh_803"
    "Imperial Tome I by Lyee"
    "Tyberian Guide by Hylian_Soldier"
    "[EA] Code by BlackMerc"
    "Equality Act by Pius_V"
    "2# Tyberian News by Wilvahelm"
    "Pros and Cons by Brownwizard"
    "Sealed Note by Sollomon666"
    "On Verdandil: Bronston by Boogjangels"
    "Welcome to NorthWatch Pt.1 by Kaezir"
    "Old Osai Diary by OctoberGwen"
    "Ranks in Cadun by Sephite"
    Should others find interest in this, I would like to catalog each title alphabetically in a list.
    If something like this already exists I'd love to be directed to it (I did not search prior).
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    Neat idea.
    I used to sell books on massive, here's the list of what I had.

    Liberty, Utility -Pumpkin_Rot
    Guide to Orcish -bakedfish426
    The book of Chet -Fudgeguy
    Art of Mining -Sabaton007
    The Flower Cult -PariahFolk
    The Prowl Vol 1 -manicmagnet
    Maiar Sub-Races -Erik Hearthome
    The Family of Kade: Present Day -A Regalian Hisotrian
    Undead Categories -Erik Hearthome
    Situations Arise -wizered67
    The Myriad -Hakouko
    Kenneth History -Wilvahelm
    Noble Quick Guide to Etiquette -Imperial Scribe
    Bittersweet is the Sound -The Golden Poet
    Beauveret Family -The_Shadow_King3
    Bawdy Ballads -CassiusCraven
    The Night -Pumkin_Rot
    The Tragic Love -Kaosdragon9
    Regals-The Flow -XBilbo_SwagginsW
    Doctor Fong's Basement -LeafMC
    Regalian Law -Thomas Kade
    The Commonwealth -MonMarty
    The Cactus -WolfWarrior2
    Spider Desert -EnderDude124
    Statements of Beyon-Cecily -Theodora Peonotavma
    Ssil History -Ivygreenstem
    What is the Aura? -Posidem Anahera
    A Hunter's Guide -Ivygreenstem
    A Study of Vampirism: Book one -a.f.t
    Delicasies for the Common Man -A Considerate Noble
    The Healing Arts -nickvmac
    The Rites of Yzelle -LeafMC
    Binded By The Dark -iaito
    Vampirism -Pushpins
    The Wind in the Willows -The Golden Poet
    Lusty Allar Maid -boogdawg
    Book of Morals -pius_v
    On Kelmoria -Stephen Wellmen
    Crimson Laws -Crimson Scribe
    The Fall of the House Black -Film_Noir
    The Undead -Alex Kade
    Concerning Demons -Aaron Copeland
    A Good Life -MasterMetaphor
    Extract from a Dwawrven Journal -A Regalian Scribe
    Time Analysis -Alex Kade

    On New Ceardia Part I -Stephen Wellmen
    On New Ceardia Part II -Stephen Wellmen
    The Seraph Civilization, Book I -Martin Iglan
    The Seraph Civilization, Book II -Martin Iglan
    On Regalia Part I -Stephen Wellmen
    On Regalia Part II -Stephen Wellmen
    Sewer Fever V.1 -A Scholar
    Sewer Fever V.2 -A Scholar
    Noble Gossip #1 -Court Spies
    Noble Gossip #2 -Court Spies
    Mathos Vol.1 -Chanter_
    Mathos Vol.2 -Chanter_
    Unionism I -Pushpins
    Unionism II -Pushpins
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    @Lyee I have quite the library built up, you should call over some time, I’d love to add the Tyberian books to my collection

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