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    The warzone service has always been a great assistance to encouraging faction level PvP and we are glad to announce that this service is still in operation.

    We have rehauled the internal system of recording warzone creation and we have also modified a number of economic factors that relate to warzones, such as the price. We felt the price at 2,500R was far too exorbitant for the current server economy.

    Thus we have lowered the price significantly:
    • The first two chunks of a warzone will cost 500R each.
    • Every chunk after that will cost 1000R each.
    An example of the benefits here would be, on the old server, 4 chunks would have cost 10,000R. A 10 chunk warzone right now would not even hit that number. We brought about this dramatic decrease to account for the less regals present in the economy. However, as the economy evolves, this system will evolve with it.

    How do I get myself a warzone?
    You can apply here.

    What are the rules of warzones?
    • The arena must be chunk based and must have actual walls around it that are higher than 3 blocks. It cannot be an open arena in terms of its walls.
    • The walls must be inside the warzone chunks
    • It must have a defined entry point, with signs accompanying the door stating that the doors lead to a PvP area.
    • It should not contain any traps that can be utilized by either side to give themselves an advantage.
    • The warzone must be enclosed by its parent faction.
    • The arena must be no bigger than 10 chunks.
    • Any viewing areas must be outside the warzone faction and inside the parent faction.
    • Once the parent faction disbands, the warzone disbands. It cannot be transferred to a new faction
    How long will it take for my warzone to be created?
    Please allow for at least 3 days to pass before your warzone is created by a staff member. If not, feel free to bump the thread!

    What about the free warzones for factions that reach 100 players?
    The competition for free warzones is still ongoing, with Deldrimor having claimed first place. Their warzone will be given to them ASAP. Insani have been awarded second place in the 100 member contest. There is still one more warzone to be claimed; A 2 chunk warzone for the third faction that reaches 100. So, keep those recruitment drives going!

    Note: Third place MUST build their own warzones.

    What are the prices of warzones?
    These are the prices based on our calculations:
    • 1 chunk: 500R
    • 2 chunks: 1000R
    • 3 chunks: 2000R
    • 4 chunks: 3000R
    • 5 chunks: 4000R
    • 6 chunks: 5000R
    • 7 chunks: 6000R
    • 8 chunks: 7000R
    • 9 chunks: 8000R
    • 10 chunks: 9000R
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