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    The following thread is aimed at various event hosters on MassiveCraft. These rules must be complied with when hosting your own faction event.
    • All events must be announced 2 week prior on the Faction Events section. If the event is not announced within 2 week it can still take place.
    • All events must include the following information:
      • Host faction
      • Event host (player)
      • Factions that are welcome/invited
      • Date
      • Time
      • Description
      • Rules
      • Location
      • Any other relevant information that players need to be made aware of.
    • The thread must accurately describe what the event aims to achieve. If the thread describes a RP meeting in a tea haus, it should be an RP meeting in a tea haus, not a PvP battle in Essalonia.
    • If you are requesting staff protection, here are the following guidelines and processes for requesting it:
      • Your event must take place. If your event fails to take place and there is no valid reason as to why it did not take place, your staff protection will be revoked.
      • Protection is subject to staff availability. Staff are required to be present for the start and end of the event. This is to ensure the region is created and deleted properly. We will make every effort to have one trained staff member, but we cannot guarantee a staff member will be available at all times.
      • To ensure staff availability, you must submit a request for event protection 2 week before the event is set to take place. This is to ensure that we can organise staff members to be present for organising event protection.
      • Event protections will only disable anything that can harm players. Any other changes requested will be declined.
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