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    You asked--and it has been done! The Faction Member cap has been increased from 50 members to 100 members! This change has already been made live as of February 24th, 2019. As well as the cap increase to Factions, the price of creating a faction has dropped from 750 Regals to just 400 Regals!

    With this increase, we are also putting forth a contest! The first faction to reach the cap of 100 members will receive a four-chunk warzone, which will be custom built by staff. The second faction to reach the cap of 100 members will receive a four-chunk warzone. The third faction to reach the cap of 100 members will receive a two-chunk warzone.​

    A warzone is the perfect place to teach your faction mates how to pvp in the survival world as this allows players of any relation to battle against each other in a show of skill!

    In order to qualify as the winning faction, you must meet the following conditions:
    • Your faction must reach 100 members! You must screenshot this and post it as a reply to this announcement in order to be declared as the winner.
      • If two factions get 100 members around the same time, the first to post a screenie here is the winner!
    • You faction must be 100% legal and follow all of the applicable rules outlined on the rules page at [link]. This includes alt and claim rules.

    For the winning factions to claim their reward:
    • You must claim your warzone within 1 month of winning this contest
    • You must have a build already built to claim your warzone!
    • This must be above ground and open air. The inside area must roughly be 1 chunk.

    Go out there, Factions players--get recruiting and get building in preparation of the warzone you just may find yourself the new owner of!

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