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    ((A Notice was pinned up on a couple of the Main Notice Boards across the City.))

    Good day lovely folks of Regalia. I'll get straight to the point. The season just closed up for our Fall Pears and we've been left with quite an excess. Our family only has so much cold storage and many of our Winter Pears are getting to be mature as I scrawl out this message. Due to our surplus, we are offering our fruits to local breweries, wineries, and restaurants. Cost will be decided per pound. Please write to 32 Root Puller Road (Hoshi#7279) if you have any interest. Private inquiries for families are also welcome.

    With love and pleasant winds,
    Ysil Yahdga

    ((OOC: My Character is selling a large amount of pears. I thought it would be cool to have the pears be used by businesses who might want to turn them into alcohol, foodstuffs, etc))
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