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    To facilitate the cleanup of the Essalonian Wilderness, Game Staff is opening up a thread to post coordinates of areas that are in need of restore.

    This restore project aims to resolve the areas of wilderness that have been mined for resources or griefed. Faction-Claimed restore requests should still be handled in-game, with a ticket. If responses to this thread are claimed by a faction, they will be overlooked until a ticket is made in-game to handle it.

    Please post in the comments, in the following format:

    (Presumedly Essalonia, though the Rift is a possibility as well)

    Restore requests will be handled as quickly as possible by the Game 3 team, please be patient. We will respond with a list of completed requests, with tags to the creator.

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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by Battlebrawn, Jul 2, 2019.

    1. GrumpyGirl314
      Cleaned up!
    2. falconhand
      @Violettee I restored the bulk of the issues in the desert, if I missed any in particular please feel free to make another response to this thread, dm me on Discord, or make a ticket ingame.
    3. Jalapeno690
      The snow biome is a mess, I’ll post cords later
    4. GrumpyGirl314

      Done. And Done.
    5. Brit<3
      So what about landscapes that are cleaned out of trees and are just flat lands? Should I put down the cords for it to be restored ?
    6. GrumpyGirl314

      I was only able to get what was in wilderness; you'll have to submit a ticket IG for the land in your claim. Catch one of Game3s online and open a ticket.

      1. There are locked chests in the first area, but I was able to restore a lot of the wilderness around it.
      2. Done.
      3. Done.
      4. Done.
      5. Done.
      6. Not going to delete this. This isn't in need of clean up--simply a new owner. <3
      7. Going to leave this one for now. It could be potentially reowned and fixed up.

      This will have to be a case by case basis; if a base has more holes than walls..... weeeeeeeell. But if there's potential, I wholeheartedly agree.

      Sure! Land doesn't restore on its own--like the fairy forests that have all the flowers. We've been going through and manually restoring such places to keep Essalonia pretty. :D
    7. GrumpyGirl314
      Coords, Sir?

      Done! If you were hoping for trees, you'll have to plant those--the area is a dried up lake bed (thus, no trees). However, I was able to restore around that area, which fixed many of the half trees in your forest as well as added more plant life to the grasslands nearby. :)
    8. BogeyBanshee
    9. GrumpyGirl314


    10. Sephite
    11. Sephite
      I was wondering if someone made a ticket.. Done!
    12. Sephite
      Done! Thank you for reporting it!
    13. Sir_Daragon
      snip snip, all cleaned up. enjoy your new haircut :)
    14. Sir_Daragon
      snip snip snip, i hope you like your new hairstyle! All cleaned up :D

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