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    Basic Information.

    · Full Name | Eluno

    · Age | 45 (Mentally and Physically) 2 months (Actual Age)

    · Gender | None

    · Race |Yanar Yanera-Flor

    · Preferred Weapon | Attraves/QuarterStaff

    · Yanil | Great Red Apple Cow Calf

    Proficiencies. 31/50

    · 10 Stave Combat (+5 Points +5 Racial Boost)

    · 15 Bola Combat (+15 Points)

    · 6 Arcanology (+6 Points, Wards and Artifacts)

    · 5 Horticulture (+5 Hobby)

    · 5 Gardening (+5 Hobby)

    · 10 Woodwind Instrument (+10 Talent)

    · Free Nature Sorcery Level 1

    Special Traits/Spells/Mutations
    Sorcery Spells

    Evergrowth + Woodsinging

    Body Shape:
    Physical Stat: 10 Stave + 3 Horticulture + 3 Gardening = 16 Physical Stat

    · Shape: Athletic

    · Body Fat: Low Body Fat

    Languages: 2

    · Common | Fluent

    · Modern-Altalar | Native

    Visual Information.

    · Eye Color | Green

    · Hair Color | Green

    · Hair Style | Short

    · Skin Color | Green

    · Clothing | Wander’s Cloak already well loved and donated to the Yanar

    · Height | 5”6'

    Personality and Abilities.

    The Core List

    · Choose your Character Alignment

    o True Neutral

    · Choose your Character Personality Type

    o Mediator/Guardian

    · Choose your Character's Religion

    o Estel 8/10

    Life Story:
    Eluno would be born the week before the burning of Petal Court and the burning of Crookback, The Yanar would be created by a Yanar who was a Ward of the Fae Order. This would lead to Eluno being created by fellow Wards which would in imbuing the new Yanar with the principals and codes that the Fae Order goes by. He would spend a few weeks being told of the world and even creating his first Yanil before going to head home to Petal Court which the young Yanar had been told about in great detail by his parent figures, of course upon arrival they would be greeted with the scorched remains of what Eluno had thought to be his new home. Now Eluno must decide on how he will lead his life be it by becoming a Page for the Fae Order, or even seeking out other work.

    (The Life Story is rather short as Eluno is a side character and is still rather fresh to the world being created weeks ago.)
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    Approved, happy to see a newly created Yanar as a character application.
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