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    Hello! Some of you may know me, many of you will not, so here I am, plain as day.

    I'm normally a very sarcastic, comical british lad with a heart of gold? Yeah sure with a heart of gold.! I love English and my home language of Welsh and I really really like tea and biscuits!
    I enjoy chatting and reading, mostly chatting though Ha! I often come on the forums, as I try to make new friends! however... i'm often very very shy of meeting people, even in a roleplay setting. So i'd love to get to know massive better and I 'm sure there are some great people here who I can become friends with!
    I also love, superhero's (cuz who doesn't these days) and i'm a massive nerd, I mean, I read how to say things in star wars languages so, there. I'm also a regular old kid, y'know, playing GTA, hating school, hating the govermant, but really, my heart is with massive and the drama it brings.

    My favourite three films, from least to most go - Kick-A**, Star Wars Rogue One (although they are all good) and Kinsman The Secret Service.! although, every Marvel movie (APART FROM THE SPIDERMAN ONES, not homecoming) come sooo close.. I also don't, enjoy DC as much but, i'm loving the TV show Gotham so yeah

    I'm also a massive fan of crime drama, not CSI, but things like Gotham, Sons of Anarchy, Trailer Park Boys, Drugs Inc.. so theres that...
    I have major eye-sight issues so I cant drive when I would normally be able.. But I luv motorbikes so much... And tiny electric cars, sooo cute!
    Lets see, uhmm, my favourite food, heh, toooo many tooo count, but, it'll probably come down to either curry or really nice bbq ribs...
    I'm extreamly Retro, I love all the old action movies, TV shows and all (Fresh prince of Bel-Air am I rite?) and I enjoy 90's music, and retro style electronica (sci fi is gud)

    that's, about it from me... Theres probably loads I missed out, like the fact I own a sega megadrive, ps2, ps3, ps4, wii, wii u, ipad, Lenovo PC.... an old Samsung (which I don't use btw) a VR headset... yeah...
    anyway, thanks for reading and I hope to meet some new friends!
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    I like kingsmen better than this kinsmen but either way, welcome!
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