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    As the title suggests, /dynmap hide will be disabled in Essalonia for a trial period of 2 weeks while we evaluate the impact of this change on server gameplay. This will not affect Regalia. Being a hotly debated topic within the Massivecraft Factions Discord as of late, Game Staff have decided that it would be appropriate to commence this trial period, to gauge player feedback.


    What does this mean?

    Following this post, dynmap hide will be disabled for all players in Essalonia, meaning that everyone who can be seen by dynmap will be seen by dynmap. This comes with the exceptions already present within dynmap (above height limit, underground etc.). The idea of disabling dynmap hide was made in the spirit of encouraging conflict, and instilling an aspect of risk to travelling within the factions world. A common criticism of Essalonia is that it often feels too empty and devoid of player interaction, and thus this change should help to alleviate this concern. However, if a faction should find themselves under heavy fire, they will be able to utilize the new surrender terms with the new war declarations to grant their faction a period of peace. More information on War Declarations will be released within the next 24 hours..


    What next?

    The choice is yours- will you take up arms against the innocents of Essalonia? Or will you band together to fight off the raiders?

    Either way, if server performance in regard to lag takes too much of a hit during this trial, it will be cancelled and our options will be reconsidered. If the trial proves to be successful, it may be considered to become a permanent implementation, with balancing for new players and the potential for invisibility potions to be used as a cloak from dynmap.

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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by Sephite, May 27, 2019.

    1. CnocBride
    2. Winterless
      I wrote this btw
    3. Zacatero
      Idk if 2 weeks is enough time. It's still going to have that new factor two weeks later, there won't be enough time for people to stop caring about it. This seems like something that'll be a big hype for a month and then it'll just become a part of how things are done on massive, but we wouldn't reach that point in just two weeks.
    4. ZiHAMMER
    5. Ha5h
    6. Winterless
    7. Huinkoch
      Guess I'll throw dynmap on a second monitor and just dodge every raid and break all the raid portals/beds
    8. MyCatBubbles
    9. VonZane
      My first reaction was that this is &%$#, but now I'm kinda warming up to it. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out tbh.
    10. feiooos
    11. Korndor
      Sounds good to me!
    12. CaptainDoju
    13. Moonflower
      This is a bit scary for me since I can’t pvp to save my life but I suppose I could be support for the fac I’m in. Time to practice potion air striking heh
    14. Arganam
      I'm helping build a survival/roleplay faction. I have nothing against fending off raids, the problem is that I suck at PVP. That's my problem though. Not anybody else's. Its not a valid reason to keep dynmap hide. The problem lies with the roleplay factions who don't want to live in underground tunnels, or spend all day fighting, and roleplaying in full diamond armor. I'd like to propose that if a faction gets raided x amount of times, they get access to /dynmap hide for y amount of time. We can barely work on our capitol city as things are right now. And it seems as if nobody can/has band/banded together, because everybody is too busy defending themselves. There needs to be a balance.
    15. Sevak
      There will be rules set in place to prevent over raiding
    16. Arganam
      Awesome, that works for me. Looking forward to finally getting the hang of things and fending off what raids do come our way as well.
    17. Sevak
      There will be an announcement hopefully soon about raid and war rules
    18. Mojavens
      So far i like it!
    19. Violettee
      There's only a handful of pvpers.
      There is no one who can raid 24/7, and raid all factions, I don't know why people think the most extreme scenario will happen.
      Everyone can see everyone, you can check to see if people are closing in on you.
      and even so it's a case of running into a small house, you're not going to need diamond armour.
      It's about being aware of your surroundings, even without dynmap.

      Pretty easy to spot a red name with /rc h, and flee.
    20. Arganam
      Valid point. Thanks for pointing that out. My first response was somewhat extreme, mainly fueled by the complaints of others in the faction's discord channel. I should have logged on and really gotten a feel for things before posting a biased response.
    21. Alj23
    22. Mojavens
      What if dynmap on were only on weekends? so that builders can peacefully build?
    23. Mojavens
      Can we also make it so blue names don't look like nice piñatas
    24. Ha5h
      One step further... Why not just have ALL names formatted the same? :)
    25. Sevak
    26. Mojavens
      Honestly it's good and bad, but it helps pvpers have a life so i'm all for it!
    27. MokeDuck
      Finally, the thing we’ve been asking for since day 1
    28. TheLoneShepherd
      i can't build anything anymore or move my faction because i not being able to use /dynmap hide
    29. Togal
      Yes you can, I've done it a few times without any problems during the dynmap trial.

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