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    Two weeks ago we made the jump and implemented a change that was controversial for many of our community members: The removal of /Dynmap Hide.


    We made it!

    Today, on June 9th of 2019, we reached our two-week checkpoint! As the trial’s duration comes to a close, we’re excited to let you know that based off of all the positive feedback we have received regarding this change we will be keeping the setup that we have at present. That is to say, we will be extending the trial of /Dynmap Hide’s removal for an additional two weeks!

    Don’t get too excited just yet, though! We still need your input!

    It’s important that we receive as much feedback on the topic as possible in order to help us make the right decisions for our community. As such, we urge you to give us your opinions using the poll at the bottom of this post, for better or for worse!

    The previous announcement on this topic may be found here:


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Did the trial help the server feel more active to you from your experience?

  1. Yes, I think showing on Dynmap increased the activity in factions and I interacted with more people

  2. No, showing on Dynmap did nothing to make factions feel more alive.



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