Drachenburg Chancellery Decree 8/29/308

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    Below is summarized the proposals and decrees passed during the Imperial Noble Assembly of the previous night, the Twenty-Eighth Day of the Eighth Month.
    • On the Subject of Accountability, The Lord Chancellor has created the office of the Whip Minister, with the following rights and duties:
      • Dictates the performance of an Imperial Summons. This is a 1 on 1 accusation inquest by the Whip in front of the Chancellor, wherein the Whip singles out a Minister or state agent they believe should be fired or disciplined, and try to convince the Chancellor by performing an accusation in front of him at the Regalian Senate Hall.
      • Dictates search warrants on Noble Estate to the Old Guard Charter.
      • The right to call noble titleholders to answer for their actions where the Regalian State has an interest.
      • The right to call for a Diet of the Nobility without the consent of the nobility, provided that a justification can be provided in the interests of the State.
        • As an aside note, this still requires three days notice to be given ahead of time.
      • The right to assemble ad hoc committees and tribunals to handle minor matters in the Regalian Capital.
    To fill the role of Whip Minister, Mr. Jared Silverhand of Ellador has been appointed to this office by the Lord Chancellor. May his Excellency serve dutifully in this position.
    • On the Subject of Logistics, The Lord Chancellor has created the office of Logistics Reichsrat Minister, with the following rights and duties.
      • Dictates the forced conscription of soldiers within the Regalian Archipelago.
      • Dictates the allocation of troops, ships, and additional logistics to the Regalian Military.
      • The duty to maintain a ledger of state agents for specific roles, with their noted skillset.
        • As an example, this would record an Allar with knowledge of Hadar's geography.
    To fill the role of Logistics Minister, the Imperial Assembly has appointed Sir Ardigge Viduggla, by a vote of 10 in favor, 4 against. May his Excellency serve dutifully in this position.
    • On the Subject of Crookback Bay, the Regalian Assembly has voted on the following proposal with 21 in favor, and 1 against:
      • Crookback Bay is permitted to form a delegated Borough Council to handle local matters.
      • Said Council is permitted to enforce their own laws within Crookback Bay.
      • Said Council is permitted to have a state agent serve as a representative on the Chancellor's Government Advisory.
        • With a vote of 15 in favor by the Assembly, Valarosta Ino-Femunn has been appointed as the civilian contact person between the Borough Council and the State Government.
      • Said Council is permitted to send proposals to the Imperial Assembly for discussion.
    • On the Subject of the Crown City Sawbones, the Lord Chancellor has revoked the State Charter on this organization, moving it to a privately run organization by House von Duerr. All additional charter rights granted to the Sawbones are hereby revoked. The Lord Chancellor believes that the current arrangement used by guard medics and private healers to be the most effective form of medical care in the city.
    • On the Subject of Economic Recovery, the following proposal has been passed by the Imperial Noble Assembly with 8 votes in favor, and 3 votes against.
      • The State will allocate 10,000 Regals per week to an 'Economic Recovery Fund' which will be managed by the Finance Reichsrat Minister, to be spent on Archipelago-wide economic and mercantile crises that cannot be reasonably handled at the feudal level.
    • On the Subject of the Diplomacy Ministry, the ministry has been granted the additional right to conduct military intelligence for the Regalian Military.
    This concludes the passed proposals of the Imperial Noble Assembly
    The following changes have been applied to State Law:
    • Regalian City Ordinance 2 has been modified as follows:
      • Any person caught participating in a form of bounty hunting without a valid contract shall be arrested, their equipment forfeit, and fined 40 regals.
        • This has removed the mention of the Freisöldner Inspector, which has since ceased to exist as a government office.
    • Regalian Political Law 7 has been created and read as follows:
      • Government officials are expected to perform by the stipulations of their Government position, and are to perform their duties with competence. To undermine the lawful authority or functioning of the Regalian State through sabotage or negligence as a Government official is grounds for dismissal and/or legal prosecution.
    The rulings of this decree take the full effect of State Law.

    His High Eminence Dietrich I by the Grace of the Spirit
    Lord Chancellor of the Regalian Empire
    Elector in Waldmark
    Grand Duke of the Drachenwald
    Defender of Cadar's Legacy
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