Drachenburg Chancellery Decree 8/18/308

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    Below summarizes the events of the Imperial Noble Assembly hosted on the Seventeenth Day of the Eighth Month
    • On the Subject of Hadar, The Lord Chancellor has formally declared war against the Sendrassian Allar in defense of the Regalian Empire's suzerain states in Hadar. The Imperial Marshal Cabinet is asked to begin preparations to reinforce the Hadarian lines, with further directives to be delivered in the coming days.
    • On the Subject of Vampirism, with the influx of Vampire-related crimes on the surface, alongside the reports of the Ichor Vampire Coven's abductions of members of the nobility and Regalian citizenry, the following actions have been taken:
      • The Lord Chancellor has granted the Bloodcast and Darkwald Orders the right to open carry non-military grade weaponry and up to plate armor.
      • The Lord Chancellor has permitted the Bloodcast and Darkwald Orders to enforce Regalian Law in coordination with the Regalian Guard Charters in dealing with the Vampire threat. It should be noted that Knights are to work in coordination with the Regalian Guard Charters with this permission, and any Knights acting in a manner which hinders the enforcement of State Law, or demonstrates conduct unbecoming of a knight, will be disciplined accordingly. The Lord Chancellor reminds the Knights that these rights are granted with the understanding that the upmost honorable conduct will be displayed in conducting themselves.
    • On the Subject of the City Guard Charters, the Regalian Noble Assembly by majority vote has granted all four City Guard Charters the following additional rights:
      • The right to patrol the countryside of the Crown Isle
      • The right to enter any non-noble countryside holdings on the Crown Isle in enforcement of Regalian Law
    • On the Subject of the Harhold Punitive Tax, the Regalian Noble Assembly has voted to lift the punitive tax on House Harhold, returning their mandatory taxation level to the State minimum of 20%.
    • On the Subject of the Ichor Coven, the Regalian State is offering a 7,000 Regal bounty on the individual known as Bethlehem. Said individual is assumed to be the head of this Vampiric Coven, and bounty hunters are urged to take caution in dealing with this individual. Furthermore, House Howlester and House Delmotte have further contributed to the Regalian State's bounty, with the full amount totaling 24,000 Regals. The individual or group collecting the bounty will be asked to contact all three parties to receive each portion of the bounty.
    With struggles faced both at home and abroad, let us strive to overcome these temporary obstacles as we collective work to the glory of our Most Glorious Empire and His Imperial Holiness.

    The rulings of this decree take the full effect of State Law.

    His High Eminence Dietrich I by the Grace of the Spirit
    Lord Chancellor of the Regalian Empire
    Elector in the Waldmark
    Grand Duke of the Drachenwald Lordship

    OOC Notes
    • Our next state war has been declared. All ships to Hadar!
    • Bloodcasts and Darkwalds have been given the same rights as Viridians, and also are allowed to enforce State Law in cooperation with the guard.
      • This shouldn't have to be mentioned, but knights should be communicating with the guards to enforce the law. Their law enforcement also only extends to vampire-related crimes right now. Do not see this as a carte-blanc to rush into the sewers like a monkey. And don't try to ruin this for your fellow knights.
    • Guard Charters may patrol the countryside now and enter/raid/enforce the law anywhere outside of noble estates.
      • It should be noted that Clandestine Raid rules must still be followed. Even though IC permission has been granted, you must follow the server rules OOC.
    • Harhold is back to paying 20% tax
    • 24,000 Regal bounty on Bethlehem of the Ichor Sovereignty Coven, 7,000 of which can be collected from the State.
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