Dominion Warfront - Day 1 Field Report

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    The following is told in character and pertains to characters and existing in the Dominion Kingdom Lore, based on true events from the in game sieges from 6/4/22. Story by the great @RazeII

    The silt kicks up at the river’s edge as King Robert runs his fingers through the frigid waters, taking a moment to pause and watch as his reflection warps and breaks up in the current. Steeling himself he splashes the water on his face, blinking before wiping it away with the sleeve of his Gambeson.
    Gauntleted hands wrap around his helm as he stands back to his feet, looking behind himself in the direction of his war camp, set up at the far end of the Dominion River system. Surrounding him are countless war tents, Phoenix standards of the Dominion fluttering in the breeze above them, The Deldrimorian Axe and the winged heart of Lumina in accompaniment.
    “Less than usual.” Rob mutters to himself as he makes his way back to his forces. Large portions of the Dominion army sit stationed miles away, facing down other cities with other commanders at their head, all awaiting the call to arms.
    To make up for the losses a number of more unfamiliar banners sit alongside the Phoenix, waves of Silferian blue and a force of Volarys regal Purple. Once enemies but now tentative, if temporary, allies.
    Beyond the tents, in the far distance and obscured by the evening mists sits the Lyrah Plateau. A Chet banner flies, barely visible above a solitary watchtower. Tucking his helm under his arm The King approaches his Kings Guard, Zander gesturing to him with a heft of his warhammer. The march to war begins.

    Drums thunder as armoured boots thud on the ground, the defenders holding fiercely as the armies clash. The combined force had crashed against the walls of Lyrah and now stood locked in a vicious melee. The King stands in the centre, sword in hand and pile of armoured bodies crumpled at his feet, his Kingsguard fighting proudly around him. The Dominion Generals spread along the line through acres of farmland, barking orders as steel meets steel.
    The battle is well fought, with Lyrah rallying repeatedly, the Dominion, Volarys and Silferia banners falling back only to reassemble and press closer to the city walls each time, the defenders so close to breaking.
    It is during one of these rallies that a horn can be heard in the fog, a chanted roar from the north echoing off of the stone walls and forested glens that announces the arrival of another force. Blackened Ascalon banners held aloft by the Raiders of Raptum, their longboat beached to the north as they too crash into the soldiers of Chet, axes in hand, cleaving through their ranks as if they were butter. The calls of retreat are heard as the defenders scramble to seek cover behind stone walls, a bellow from King Rob has the alliance in chase, biting at the ankles of the routing Lyrah force like wolves on the hunt, the battle is all but won.

    Miles away, in contrast to the rocky plateau of Lyrah sits Cintra, the Chet banner flying above their wall just the same. Phoenix banners of the Dominion yet again accompany Silferia and Volarys. The Regent of Dauntless and Kaiser of the Silferian Kingdom fight side by side, the combined forces spread out in open fields this time, loose formations, volleys of arrows and cavalry charges leave the ground strewn with bodies.
    Dominion and Volarys Generals fight to break the Chet flanks, the enemy line buckling under their pressure as the main Silferian force hammers at the centre. Then in a flash it happens, the line gives way and the soldiers of Cintra break, the flanks crumbling as the attackers surround their foe, leaving little left for the birds.

    The final front lays on the waves. Sails of all colours decorating the horizons prove a fearful site for the defenders of the Chet city of Amaranthine. A Volarys Galley sits landed at the shore, Volarys soldiers decked in their regal colours fight their way onto land under the urgent barks of their commander. Death screams are cut short as attacker and defender alike are enveloped by the ocean waves. Further down the coast more Volarys soldiers fight side by side on the beaches with Silferian allies, making some headway towards the besieged Chet town.
    As the attackers storm their way off of beaches onto grassy fields and across the rocky headland cannons thunder behind them. Dominion ships of Ellesmere Oak sit proudly on the waves flying sails of Deldrimor and Lumina, letting volleys of cannonballs sail towards the town, crumbling stone and splintering wood painting the landscape with each successful hit.
    The defence had been hard fought but once land had been breached, it was but a matter of time.

    Night set across the world and the moon hung in the sky coating fatigued, victorious soldiers in a soft glow. Three fronts and three victories, the armies of Chet broken and running and their obtrusion silenced, for now.
    The battles had been hard fought and soundly won, but this was just the beginning.

    The scores from yesterday's siege progress are as follows:
    • Powerful Powerful x 5
    • Immersive Immersive x 2
    • Winner Winner x 1
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    Lyrah delenda est
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